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Regional Application Manager. Driven by the vision of a smarter and more efficient future. My updates include everything from Industry 4.0 to consumer applications as well as trends, updates and visions out of the semiconductor world.

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The Time Sensitive Networking standards developed by the TSN working group of the IEEE 802.1 form the basis for the convergence of IT Ethernet with field level networks requiring deterministic features. The seamless communication between machines, objects and services is enabling new automation models and the Industrial IoT (“Industry 4.0”). In addition, Time-Sensitive-Networking enables the transmission of time-critical and “common” data over the same Ethernet network. Therefore the new IEEE standards can be used in order to realize systems in which safety applications are connected over the same Ethernet networkRead More
A while ago we reported about opportunities and challenges of the Industrial IoT or in other words Industry 4.0. We also reported about the high involvement of the Fraunhofer Society in current research projects aiming at the acceleration and realisation of new industrial concepts. Now the Fraunhofer Application Center Industrial Automation (IOSB-INA) and the Miele & Cie. KG have cooperated in order to optimise the production of dishwashers – with great results. The first workstation on the new pre-assembly line at Miele’s Bielefeld plant, producing chambers for commercial dishwashers andRead More