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EBV Director Consumer Segment. Driven by the vision of an inter-connected and exciting future with applications and devices that simplify our lives, enabled by technology. My updates address all trends and topics related to the consumer segment.

Frankfurt on the Main: View of the city as seen from the Deutschherrnbruecke (Teutonic Knights Bridge) at dusk
The hottest and brightest trade fair for lighting and building automation will take place just one month from now and all architects, interior architects, designers, planners, engineers, artisans and more should mark the days March 13-18 in their calendars. The biyearly Light + Building (L+B) trade fair will focus on system solutions and designs enhancing the quality of life with the motto being ‘digital – individual – networked’ this year. In other words this means to get comfortable through intelligent interconnected smart home and building systems and just as itRead More
Are you an engineer? Then you probably will remember the incredible cool stuff you created with Lego® Technic, the crystals you grew with a Kosmos kit and the complex ball obstacle courses you designed with Fischertechnik. Now, a couple decades later (yep, we’re getting old) we have been curious how kids and millennials play with technology. To find out we visited the toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany last week. Spoiler: The young generation is building way more amazing stuff than we did when tinkering together our FM radio kits. TheRead More
increasing global networking
Like the IoT connects our devices the PTC LiveWorx Europe 2015 last week connected the people who are working on IoT applications with solution providers. The two day event attracted more than 2500 visitors keen to learn about what’s next and possible within the IoT, how they can benefit from PTC software offers, which reference designs could help them to increase time-to-market and to share their own perspective and learn from experiences from others. In addition to the informative keynotes and discussions exhibitors and industry experts presented IoT-relevant technologies andRead More