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EBV Director Segment Healthcare. Driven by the vision of a healthy and sustainable future supported by innovative, connected and sophisticated health gadgets and applications. My updates address all trends and topics related to the healthcare segment.

The CES delivered big time with tons of new healthcare devices – but how to make sense of all the new stuff presented at the show? We took some time to look at the mass of new ideas and innovations and sorted out the most important trends for the healthcare segment hidden in the flood of new gadgets. New Players Will Disrupt The Market While we observed that many of the former startups like FitBit or Withings seem to have grown up and now represent well-established companies there are twoRead More
Are tech tats the next big thing in healthcare? They could be – at least if you believe Chaotic Moon a company known for highly innovative thinking and ideas. The bunch of creative minds recently released a video in which it introduces “tech tats”. These are smart little tattoos which consist out of conductive paint (seems like they are using the ink from our friends at Bare Conductive for prototypes) and several chips. Different setups, designs and tattoos make it possible to “glue” applications directly on your skin. The tattooed devicesRead More
Connectivity enables us to achieve great things. Three examples: SteadyServe tells you when you are running out of beer. 24eight connected a diaper wirelessly to the internet telling you when to change it. MIT students have created the Random Hall Bathroom Server, a system to keep track of which of the Random Hall dormitory’s bathrooms are vacant and (here’s the best part) for how long. Okay, maybe technology keeping you drunk, your baby dry and restroom waiting lines short is not necessarily essential for mankind but the same technologies can be applied in healthcare applications turning themRead More
Monica Healthcare specialises on highly innovative wireless healthcare technology, providing wearable medical devices that accurately monitor fetal and maternal well-being. Monica’s existing AN24 product – a unique, FDA approved, wireless fetal-maternal monitor for use during labour – is sold in the USA, Europe, Brazil, Russia, India and China and is used to monitor the delivery of over 100,000 babies every year.    The patented technology is based on the acquisition of electro-physiological signals that can be passively detected by electrodes positioned on the maternal abdomen. From these signals a number of aRead More
Wearables and healthcare seems like a natural fit. We have seen tons of activity trackers and health monitoring devices at the CES earlier this year. In fact so many that one could assume they are already used in every hospital around the globe. The devices promise easy self-monitoring and diagnostics, additional and comprehensive health data about patients and the opportunity for remote observation and advise from doctors. In reality there are not many medical professionals relying on wearables yet. The deployment of wearable technology into treatment faces some serious challenges which slow down the adoption ofRead More