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Posted On July 11, 2016By Christian JakobIn all, Cloud, Internet of Things

SIGFOX And MAREN – It Takes Two To Tango

When we talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), we are not going to get away from the fact that we also have to talk about sensors and connectivity too. In order for an IoT device to carry out a certain command, it needs information first. Information that will be caught by the components responsible to collect data about motion, luminosity, humidity or temperature for instance. In one of our earlier blogs we introduced you our sensor hub platform MAREN already. In this article we want to focus on itsRead More
IoT Robot Human
IoT and security should go hand in hand. Unfortunately they don’t as proven by tons of hacks of cars, smartphones, clouds and more. This is a major upset as security is the prerequisite for a successful future of IoT. If we can’t fix issues in this area now and develop strategies to integrate security solutions in all future aspects and areas of our connected world we will fail or at least slow down the adoption and introduction of the IoT. Basically every technologist should be aware and well informed aboutRead More
With the PCIM 2016, Europe’s leading exhibition and conference for power electronics and its applications in intelligent motion, renewable energy and energy management kicks off today in Nuremberg, Germany. Over the next three days developments in power semiconductors, passive components, thermal management products, energy storage, sensors and new materials as well as systems will be presented. Usually you would have to wait until the show is over to identify the trend of the year. In 2016 however, one topic will predictably be the most discussed one: Wide Band Gap (WBG)Read More
embedded security
In one of our recent blog articles some weeks ago, we issued IT security for embedded systems. An issue that semiconductor manufacturers are targeting for years already. Security hardware components are deployed in personal computers for many year to secure sensitive data such as security keys, certificates and passwords. The latest press release from Infineon Technologies perfectly fits in this picture. The EBV partner announced that the world’s leading PC manufacturer Lenevo will count on Infineon’s embedded security solutions and will equip the new Lenovo ThinkPad® notebooks with the OPTIGA™Read More

Posted On February 12, 2016By Christian JakobIn all, Events, Lightspeed

Lighting Academy 2016 – Three Reasons Why To Attend

March is the month of the year, which most people in the northern hemisphere associate with the end of the winter season. In fact, meteorologically as well as astronomically, it marks the beginning of spring. The season when perceptibly and visibly daylight lasts longer. Maybe it is just a coincident, that right at this time two events will take place which are related to lighting, and even at the same place. World’s Leading Lighting Trade Fair On the one hand there’s the world’s leading exhibition for architecture and technology takingRead More
Beginning of January at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, technology enthusiasts have collected so many impressions that it will most likely be enough for the rest of the entire year. So it will be hard to pick the one or the other technology to talk about in more detail. Here is one that we think is worth mentioning, because it might change the future of many applications. Aito and Piezo Technology Aito BV, a spin off from a Dutch company producing piezo keyboards, on its boothRead More

Posted On January 11, 2016By Christian JakobIn all, Automotive, Technology, Trends & Vision

NAIAS 2016 – All Eyes On Detroit

It’s been only a couple of hours since the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas finished. High-tech companies showcased their latest innovations and ideas as well as indicate trends for the technology of tomorrow. The flood of impressions are hardly processed, when the next big event is just around the corner – NAIAS 2016. Detroit leaves nothing to be desired Car enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) starting today in Detroit, Michigan. As the first of five automotive trade fairs this year, theRead More
Are you an engineer? Are you feeling that common horoscopes fail to forecast your future precisely? Do you want someone to predict your future under consideration of your true potential? We hear you engineers, makers and tech enthusiasts. That is why we sat down and analysed stellar constellations, electronic applications and market forecasts compared our results to Moore’s law then mixed everything with as much expertise and feedback from our own engineers as possible just to continue and… ok enough, you see where we are getting at: this is the most accurate horoscope forRead More
Sometimes just talking about a cool device or gadget doesn’t cut it. Here are 10 companies with groundbreaking ideas and passionate teams with the potential to change our future! Bare Conductive The team of designers from Bare Conductive created one of the most versatile and cool maker kits ever, based on the “Touch Board” and “Electric Paint”. With the tools from Bare Conductive you can draw electric circuits on almost any surface in order to add cool functionality. The non-toxic conductive ink has also fans among some high-tech companies whoRead More
Don’t worry we’re not going to list a bunch of wearables you can find in every magazine and blog on the planet. We rather introduce you to 7 really unique ideas that stand out and do more than tracking your activity. The Dash Ok, so our first device actually does track your activity but the way it does it and what else it can do are genius. The Dash are in-ear headphones, which consist out of two independent ear-plugs with no physical connection. The smart headphones come with a bunchRead More