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Tinkerforge Starter Kit: Weather Station
When I was a young engineer and developed my first electronic applications I recognised that many parts of a circuit could be “recycled” and used in other projects. Back then I started to build a library of circuits together with some colleagues. In reality we never really used this collection of design files as it has been too small and by the time we did build an application which was similar to an older one it has been too outdated. Looking jealously at our colleagues in software engineering who wereRead More
Developing for the IoT? You could be one of thousand others having the same idea as the hype around connectivity of objects is on! However the new MAREN reference design platform might be exactly the advantage you need to develop the next big thing faster than the others. The EBV Solutions team tailored the new high performance and low power sensor hub specifically to address requirements of IoT applications. MAREN is equipped with MEMS sensors (motion and environmental), BLE and NFC connectivity as well as sensor processing algorithms (sensor fusion). The EBV MAREN high performance &Read More
Ever wondered what it’s like to turn an idea into a company? We asked Michelle Hua the Founder & Director of Made With Glove Ltd, a UK wearable tech start-up designing fashionable heated gloves for women. What is the idea behind Made With Glove? My idea came about four years ago during a 6 hour walking tour in Prague in -21 degrees of snow. Two hours into the tour, I couldn’t feel my my hands or my feet. I had disposable hand warmers however, because I had my gloves on,Read More
Having a non technical background but tinkered with arduino lilypads, gemmas and floras for my wearables projects, I emailed the generic “” expressing my concerns. My email went a little bit like this… “Hello. I am a non techie. Will this be taught at beginner level and while I am interested in learning about Atmel’s technology, will I be able to understand all the technical jargon?” To my surprise, my email was responded very quickly by Aloke Barua, Sales Manager Distribution Ireland and UK who understood my “tech anxiety”. AlokeRead More
Using sonar echo to recognise objects translating them into vibration alerts and packing the technology in a wearable to help visually impaired to better manage their lives. A small starter kit that enables kids to build their own little robots out of junk and unwanted materials teaching them problem solving and analytical thinking skills. An induction water heater heating liquids directly in a cup or vessel eliminating the energy waste on excess water.  These great ideas come from three young start-ups:  BatSuite (Slovakia), Junkbot (Dubai) and Miito (Denmark). The three young companies haveRead More
Let’s start with some quick facts about this amazing company: Bare Conductive is a design and technology studio based in East London, UK. The small, yet unbelievably creative team has developed non-toxic electrically conductive paint a few years back. The start-up was formed by students of the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London – since their graduation the guys from Bare Conductive developed accessible platforms for people to get creative with “Electric Paint”. The most versatile one might be the “Touch Board” offering incredible design freedom which has resulted in some stunning projects and applications. Read More
The Schleicher Incubator Zoom Zone Labs – or short: “sizzl” – is a new initiative of the Schleicher Electronic Berlin GmbH targeting start-ups and young creative thinkers.  Schleicher originally provides tailored electronic solutions to customers. In order to support the young and innovative start-up scene in Berlin the company created sizzl. A lot of small companies have promising ideas and concepts but lack the technical know-how and access to components to successfully realise them. That’s where sizzl wants to step in and support the start-ups with comprehensive experience in development, designRead More
After hitchhiking 3.700 miles through Canada last year, our favourite robot of 2014 returned for a new adventure. This time the friendly metal traveller is headed for Germany’s autobahns. HitchBOT relies entirely on the kindness of strangers in his 10 day adventure through the country.   The small robot is outfitted with a rubber hitchhiking hand, speech recognition software, and even its own Wi-Fi network that it uses to offer regionally-specific tidbits of information that it picks up along the way. This allows it to engage in conversation, send tweets andRead More
Good news for all makers, start-ups and Arduino fans: With the new STMicroelectronics (ST) STM32 Nucleo environment another semiconductor manufacturer is offering some cool and exciting development boards, extension boards and great software compatible with Arduino. The following is a quick guide on how to get started and what products are available. Pick the Right Developer Board In most cases if you have an idea for a new application you will start picking the right MCU for the design. In case of the STM 32 Open Development Environment (STM32ODE) youRead More