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Posted On November 8, 2016By Christian JakobIn Commercial News, Electronica, Internet of Things

Electronica 2016 – Recap Day 1

An exciting first day of electronica 2016 at the International Conference Center in Munich/Germany is over. We were busy literally until the last minute before the exhibition opened to set up and clean our booth in Hall A5. But right in time we made it, and we were prepared for the visitors, clients and partners we invited. When they arrived they recognized at first sight our completely new booth concept. Much more spacious than two years ago without any workstations, but with plenty of tables for customer talks. Eye-catching forRead More
The STM32 family counts a new member. Two years after STMicroelectronics launched their first Cortex-M7 based STM32F7, they announced just recently the launch of the new STM32H7 that promises maximum performance. The microcontroller community is aware of the numerous variations of STM32 offering variable peripherals and various package sizes and forms. Additionally, thanks to a small chip size it can be offered cost-effectively. The STM32 family is a truly success story and has been shipped already more than 2 billion times. The 32-bit Flash microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex®‑M7Read More
Long gone are the days when commercial vehicles had a rather dusty image despite their good functionality. Rough edges and corners and bulky designs become more and more a thing of the past. And also the poor amenities are being replaced by more and more high-tech features. One can say, that they really arrived in the 21st century, which became obvious during the recent “IAA für Nutzfahrzeuge” in Hannover. About 2000 exhibitors from over 50 different countries this year showcased their developments to the visitors of the leading fair inRead More
Kickstart for Startups EBV StartMeUp
When Erich Fischer founded EBV Elektronik in 1969 he was certainly not aware of the term „start-up“, although its distributor of electronic components was such a company at that time. The term became internationally widespread during the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s, when a great number of Internet-based companies were founded. Today there are uncountable newly emerged, fast-growing businesses on the market. Start-up companies can often be found in technology realms, such as Internet, e-commerce, computers, telecommunications, or robotics. But those small businesses, which are designed to quickly developRead More
Already for the third time in a row it was the time of the year again, when we met in the beautiful Chiemgau to celebrate the “EBV Oscars” award show yesterday. Located south of the “Bavarian See”, the Chiemsee, many of our supplier partners and EBV employees came to Grassau for this extraordinary event. Everybody was curious who would win the EBV Wolpertinger Marketing Award, which was given to honour the best and most successful marketing and communication activities in cooperation with our suppliers. Last year’s event was still echoingRead More
toshiba 20th Anniversary Award
We go back to the year 1996 – the year when football was “coming home” to England during the 10th UEFA European Championship, the 100th Olympic Summer Games took place in Atlanta/USA or Super Mario and Lara Croft were born. Technology-wise it was the year when the DVD was launched in Japan, the internet browsers Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer 3 were released or the first “smartphone” was introduced with the Nokia 9000. Did you know that Pokémon for Gameboy was born in 1996 in Japan, too? It’s amazing howRead More
Broadcom Cypress Analysis
If the IoT were at a party it would be the guy that always has a new story and never gets old – everyone would love to be friends with it. Everybody except Broadcom. The semiconductor giant announced that it will sell its entire IoT business, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee IoT product lines and intellectual property, along with its WICED brand and developer ecosystem to Cypress for $550 Million. We took a deeper look at this move and found out what’s in it for you. One thing upfront: ItRead More
Industry 4.0 Smart Factroy
The implementation of Industry 4.0 technology is vital for companies in order to stay competitive in the future. However for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) this task can be more than challenging. The introduction of connectivity features and automation technology into existing production lines, which is necessary for a successful transition into the next era of manufacturing requires huge investments and the acquisition of expertise in multiple disciplines. In order to start the transition into connected manufacturing it is crucial to investigate the potential for improvement within the existing productionRead More
Broadcom Limited – connecting everything
Over the last two years mergers became a real habit in the semiconductor industry. Triggered by the demand for low cost chips and the possibility to create new synergies and to expand product portfolios there has been a real “shopping-fever” amongst companies. Within this ever-changing environment of semiconductor suppliers it can get really hard to figure out the advantages of the mergers. We’re here to help – and therefore we will explain to you how designers can actually benefit from one of the biggest deals of all: the combination ofRead More
Fraunhofer’s Technology Network “it’s OWL” Will Give You An Industry 4.0 Boost Just recently we shared our vision on the incredible advantages of Industry 4.0, Smart Services and the impressive progress of Fraunhofer’s technology network it’s OWL together with Miele. Now there are even more good news! The technology network it’s OWL which has the goal to help small and mid-sized businesses to implement and optimise industrial IoT technology (or in other words Industry 4.0 technology) into their production processes faster is part of one of the German competence centresRead More