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Our Customer Support is not just answering questions, it is the team here at EBV, that enables us to keep a very high service-standard and to satisfy a great number of customers perfectly. We asked Thorsten Kanwischer, Director EBV Customer Support three questions about this unique service.   EBV:                          What can a customer expect when contacting EBV’s Customer Support and what does the support process look like? For our customers we are fulfilling orders between order entry of the local EBV sales office and Customer Goods Receipt in aRead More
Ever wondered why we have the EBV Vertical Segments and how the EBVchips program works? Well, if so read the short interview with  Thomas Staudinger, our Vice President of EBV Vertical Segments to get some insights. EBV:       Hi Thomas, can you explain the benefit of EBV’s unique Vertical Segment Structure with 9 different segments? Our customers can benefit from the clear distinction between markets and technologies. The market segments help us to create a differentiating solution based on all relevant technologies to be the leader in the sub-segments. TheRead More