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maxim embedded security
Guest blog by Christine Young From Yahoo to LinkedIn, smart speakers to security cameras, DVRs, and even baby monitors—all of these things have been hacked at some point (or points, in some incidents). As smart, connected products become more pervasive in our everyday lives, they also provide more avenues for cybercriminals. In some cases, it’s a matter of end users needing to be more diligent about, say, changing default logins and passwords. In other cases, the device itself simply wasn’t designed with very strong security. The first case is aRead More
maxim integrated automotive led
Guest blog from Tamer Kira High-brightness (HB) light emitting diodes (LED) are making driving safer, reducing energy consumption and, as a side benefit, giving automotive designers more creative license in headlamp designs. LEDs can save 50-70% of the energy use that traditional lighting technologies consume, reducing carbon emissions in the process. They also last longer, boasting lifetimes of 50,000 hours or more. And, because they turn on and off faster than incandescent lamps, they’re ideal for applications like brake lights. From a design standpoint, though, working with HB LED technologiesRead More
Industry 4.0
Guest blog from René Hummen Since the early days of manual production, manufacturing successfully transitioned through three industrial revolutions, each leading to a significant increase in automation, productivity, and efficiency. Notably, all of these revolutions were coupled with the introduction of new technologies. Mass manufacturing, for example, would not have been possible without the introduction of water and steam power in the 18th century. Electric power and the invention of the assembly line further boosted volume production at the beginning of the 20th century. And approximately 45 years ago, electronicsRead More
automotive iot
Guest blog from Axel Schiller Some suggest that autonomous driving is the ultimate example of the implementation of the Internet of Things. An integral integration of internal and external sensors working together to create an evolutionary change in the way people use transportation. There are two additional layers of complication to designing for vehicles, one the impact of application failure can be significant and two vehicles have an extensive need for sensors, signal processing elements, and image recognition engines. As manufacturers continue to add more advanced sensors, high-resolution displays, on-vehicleRead More
Guest blog from Jim Wallace Simply put, security for Embedded IoT devices is about protecting assets from malicious attack. Typically this protection is thought about in terms of keeping some assets, such as crypto keys, secret and controlling how software and data is modified. In order for the Internet of Things (IoT) to be successful it is important that devices and services are appropriately protected. As IoT products become successful they will become increasingly attractive for attackers and so appropriate security must be baked into every system and at everyRead More
Smart Home Controller
Guest blog from Ralph Goodman. In a world where all of your devices communicate and can be controlled from one central location, there is a growing concern about security. Interconnectedness can be a great thing. It allows users greater levels of convenience and control over their devices, which is unparalleled to anything we have seen before. There are many benefits, but there is still this one looming threat. The Concerns There is an old clique in the security world that pervades the minds of all skeptics. “A chain is onlyRead More

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[Infographic] Startup vs. Corporation

Our friends from StartupCVs took the effort to compare life in startups to the career in a larger corporation. While some points might be exaggerating it is true that there are significant differences. However there are advantages on both sides. The infographic below can not only be used to find out which career path is yours but also to learn how some of the benefits and structures of the small teams in startups could be translated to big businesses. After all faster innovation and adaptable teams could add value to every company, couldn’t they?Read More
Guest post by Dave Burleton of LSR Wireless regulations and certification processes can be challenging even for companies with significant experience in wireless products, but that level of complexity is multiplied for companies who are designing their first IoT/M2M products to tap into the growing market for “smart” products. Their traditional products have never been connected in the past. But new products that utilize wireless technology like Bluetooth to transmit and receive data wirelessly must be certified by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and/or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) inRead More
Landing a job at a start-up is not easy. It is at least as hard as getting a job in a big company. However the procedure when applying and during job interviews is quite different. Even if you are not seeking a new position, learning about these differences can teach you a lot on how to do business with and market products to start-ups. To put it in a nutshell: You should really take a couple minutes and checkout the great infographic from StartupCVs below!Read More
Isolation components are necessary to provide both electrical insulation and signal isolation in an array of applications ranging from power supply and motor control to data communications and digital logic interface circuits.  Reason enough to take a closer look at isolation technologies – Lisa Dietrich from Avago Technologies, a market leader in industrial and automotive optocouplers, answers some common questions on the topic. How do I know whether I need isolation in my system? In electrical circuits, isolation is required when passing information between high and low voltage parts of aRead More