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Landing a job at a start-up is not easy. It is at least as hard as getting a job in a big company. However the procedure when applying and during job interviews is quite different. Even if you are not seeking a new position, learning about these differences can teach you a lot on how to do business with and market products to start-ups. To put it in a nutshell: You should really take a couple minutes and checkout the great infographic from StartupCVs below!Read More
Isolation components are necessary to provide both electrical insulation and signal isolation in an array of applications ranging from power supply and motor control to data communications and digital logic interface circuits.  Reason enough to take a closer look at isolation technologies – Lisa Dietrich from Avago Technologies, a market leader in industrial and automotive optocouplers, answers some common questions on the topic. How do I know whether I need isolation in my system? In electrical circuits, isolation is required when passing information between high and low voltage parts of aRead More
This article by Majeed Ahmad originally appeared on Atmel | Bits & Pieces Large SoCs without an Ethernet interface typically have slow start-up times and high-power requirements — until now.  Atmel, a lead partner for the ARM Cortex-M7 processor launch in October 2014, has unveiledthree new M7-based microcontrollers with a unique memory architecture and advanced connectivity features for the connected car market. According to a company spokesman, E70, V71 and V70 chips are the industry’s highest performing Cortex-M microcontrollers with six-stage dual-issue pipeline delivering 1500 CoreMarks at 300MHz. Moreover, V70 and V71 microcontrollers areRead More
Ever wondered what it’s like to turn an idea into a company? We asked Michelle Hua the Founder & Director of Made With Glove Ltd, a UK wearable tech start-up designing fashionable heated gloves for women. What is the idea behind Made With Glove? My idea came about four years ago during a 6 hour walking tour in Prague in -21 degrees of snow. Two hours into the tour, I couldn’t feel my my hands or my feet. I had disposable hand warmers however, because I had my gloves on,Read More
Having a non technical background but tinkered with arduino lilypads, gemmas and floras for my wearables projects, I emailed the generic “” expressing my concerns. My email went a little bit like this… “Hello. I am a non techie. Will this be taught at beginner level and while I am interested in learning about Atmel’s technology, will I be able to understand all the technical jargon?” To my surprise, my email was responded very quickly by Aloke Barua, Sales Manager Distribution Ireland and UK who understood my “tech anxiety”. AlokeRead More