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Returning to New York for its tenth year, CES Unveiled New York provided a sneak peek at the year’s most innovative products and technologies just two months before the International CES. We picked the 5 most advanced and useful wearables from the show to introduce them to you. iFit Active The iFit Active is a 3-and-1 health tracker helping users eat better by logging their food intake, sleep better by monitoring sleeping pattern and, of course, logging users’ activity and helping them be fit. The iFIt Active counts calories, steps and distance, whileRead More
Anticipation on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has suffered some draw backs lately as not only Elon Musk but also other renown scientists including Stephen Hawking have made alerting statements on the danger of digital super intelligence. The discussion was fueled this weekend again after noted virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier was featured on publisher John Brockman’s site,, discussing the potential threat of artificial intelligence in a post titled “The Myth of A.I.”. Lanier’s thoughts activated a number of science and technology experts to comment and start a discussion. Among those comments were the words of Musk, who wrote a particularly alarming note aboutRead More

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Electronica – Day 3

Following the first two days today has been another successful, crowded and fun day at the electronica 2014 here in Munich. Two absolutely smart presentations with EBV employees and partners, innovative demos at our EBV booth, receiving an award from NXP and a social media race with the Oculus Rift Gear.  NXP Award The first highlight of our day took place at the booth of NXP where we received a bronze commodity award. Thank you NXP we are honoured!   Presentation of Altera and EBV at the Embedded Forum Under theRead More

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The Future of the IoT [Infographic]

The Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving so fast that it sometimes seems hard to keep up with it. It has already become part of our lives but the future of the IoT is holding even more. The infographic below (source: Aria) illustrates the road until 2025. More detailed forecasting and trends for the IoT are brought together in a comprehensive slide show by Business Insider here. source: aria systemsRead More
The band “Brunettes Shoot Blondes” tells a heartwarming love story about a rabbit using multiple screens from different Apple devices. The clip is an incredible combination of live action camera and animation, perfectly timed and synchronized between a multiple number of iPhones, iPods, MacBooks and iPads with different screen sizes. We asked Andrew Kovalov (on the left in the picture), the front-man of the band who came up with the idea 3 questions about the song and video. This video is a great idea, how did you come up withRead More