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Career at EBV Elektronik
We all know that there’s something magical about every new beginning. No matter if starting a new relationship, moving to a new place, traveling to a new country, the first day in school or when starting a new job – there’s always those special moments that stick in our minds for quite a long period of time. Moments that our new apprentices and students certainly experienced too, when they started their studies at EBV Elektronik yesterday. Three young women and five young men entered the EBV headquarters in Poing nearRead More
TQ of Wearables Roundtable
Technology is getting more and more intelligent and is increasingly influencing our daily lives. Wearable technology, also known as body-borne computers or just wearables, are devices that are on the rise here. Experts even argue that they will be taken for granted in just a few year, because they will provide us support in many areas of our society. So did agree the participants of “The Quintessence” roundtable discussion. Electronic Components Getting Better Markus Strecker, CEO of the technology brand Teiimo, speaks of an astonishing technological development. “In the lastRead More

Posted On June 28, 2016By Christian JakobIn Lifestyle, Technology

Saving Battery Power Is The Key

Most people have certainly been in the situation already, when suddenly and absolutely unexpected the electric device stopped working, because the battery power was used up. It can be a pure disaster for kids when their remote-controlled helicopter or drone does not work anymore because the battery has to be charged yet again. So always in the most inappropriate moment the electric screwdriver, razor or digicam goes belly up. Semiconductor companies like Infineon Technologies tackle such problems and offer devices and solutions for power management, consumption and voltage regulation. ARead More
EBV TQ of Wearable Technology
Some weeks ago we gave you an overview about the contents of the latest issue of our knowledge magazine “The Quintessence of Wearable Technology”(TQ). Besides an overview about the latest developments in the wearables industry we address 3 main segments – consumer, healthcare and industry. The cover story introduces a product that can actually be assigned to the two first of them. “The Dash”, developed by the Munich start-up company Bragi, is the world’s first in-ear computer and is equipped with astonishing features. In this article we would like toRead More
Mesana Smart Patch
With more than 350.000 deaths each year caused by circulatory diseases in Germany alone and costs of more than 50 billion € generated through false diagnostics it’s quite easy to see the potential for innovation in the healthcare segment. The healthcare startup corvolution steps into this market gap and developed a concept based on a sensor patch in order to address issues within circulatory diagnostics and cardiovascular-prevention called Mesana. Basically the solution of the young team from the Karlsruhe institute of technology (KIT) includes a full program including consultation, diagnosis andRead More
Smart Home Controller
Guest blog from Ralph Goodman. In a world where all of your devices communicate and can be controlled from one central location, there is a growing concern about security. Interconnectedness can be a great thing. It allows users greater levels of convenience and control over their devices, which is unparalleled to anything we have seen before. There are many benefits, but there is still this one looming threat. The Concerns There is an old clique in the security world that pervades the minds of all skeptics. “A chain is onlyRead More
They are not bigger than a matchbox but there’s a lot of potential in those little things. Some even say that they can be seen as the basis for the next generation of smartphone advertising. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: Beacons can do a lot more to facilitate our lives and provide us with different kinds of relevant information. Even though this exciting new technology still lacks some acceptance within our society, marketers have recognised the potential of beacons for quite a while now. Especially shopping storesRead More
Triby + Alexa Announcement
Invoxia, a french high-tech company known for innovative VoIP SIP phones, just announced that Triby, a family-focused message board, internet radio and VoIP device (we reported before here), will be the first device available for purchase not made by Amazon to feature the company’s clever voice service Alexa. Since its introduction in 2015 Triby was a smart kitchen companion, playing music via the built in In Vivo Acoustic ® speakers, sending digital post-its and messages to your family, and handling your incoming calls. As first third-party device using the AmazonRead More
aircraft inspetion
Time is money – and if there is one thing no company likes to lose then it’s cash. Therefore every idea that helps businesses to save expenses is a great idea. By those standards the idea of the French startup “Donecle” is mind-blowing as the company is able to save airlines and airport MRO up to 95% of time and human resources during aircraft inspections. How is that possible? Basically in order to inspect any huge, hard to access object like the exterior of aircrafts, wind turbines or buildings itRead More
Girls' Day 2016
We need more women in tech! Innovation needs creative minds and successful technology companies need a diverse skill set among their employees. Every company can profit from a good balance between men and women however high-tech companies still struggle to find the female experts to achieve this. So what to do about it? In order to arouse interest for technology girls need to get in touch with engineering when they are still young and candid for all possibilities lying ahead of them. Therefore, in 2001 the “Girls’ Day” was introducedRead More