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Skylights Theater Glasses Inside
Hawaii, Fiji, the Maldives, Mauritius… there are so many incredible places to explore and all that stands between you and a perfect white-sand beach is a long distance flight. 10+ hours of being stuck in a tiny seat, caught next to an over-enthusiastic honeymooner couple, plagued by a screaming baby in the seat behind you and jealously looking up front where the folks in business and first class enjoy Champagne and lots of space.  No way you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed and in a good mood without something thatRead More
RELO plug drive landscape
Good design is important – no matter if you are an hardware engineer, software developer fashion designer or marketing manager. But what is good design? Especially in the field of product design it’s about much more than just an amazing look. Design has to convince, has to offer an added value and enhanced functionality. This is highly important especially for technology startups which have to convince their customers with their first products as they have no reputation to build up on. Since 1955 the design centre of North Rhine-Westphalia inRead More
EyeLights Moto Display
Using your smartphone or a navigation system on a motorcycle can be highly dangerous even if it is mounted to your handlebar. How to reduce the risk of accidents caused by motorbike riders taking their eyes of the road? The startup EyeLights found an answer: head-up-displays for helmets. Romain Duflot (CEO) and Thomas De Saintignon (CTO) developed the first prototypes of their smart helmet add-on during their graduation year at the French Icam, School of Engineering in Toulouse in 2015. Using retina display technology along with bluetooth in a smallRead More
Tinkerforge Starter Kit: Weather Station
When I was a young engineer and developed my first electronic applications I recognised that many parts of a circuit could be “recycled” and used in other projects. Back then I started to build a library of circuits together with some colleagues. In reality we never really used this collection of design files as it has been too small and by the time we did build an application which was similar to an older one it has been too outdated. Looking jealously at our colleagues in software engineering who wereRead More
Sevenhugs Smart Remote
Smart home enthusiast? Yep, it’s great to be able to control everything from the couch via the smartphone. Turn off the lights? Unlock the device (“ Damn, screen is too dirty for Touch ID…”), search for the app (“What was it called, and on what screen does it hide?”) open it, select the light you want to control and switch it off. Took you about twice as long as standing up might have. Comfortable? Maybe. Irritating? For sure. Some hardcore “smart stuff” lovers might argue that the really cool thingRead More
Unu Scooter City
If you live in a big city why would you not have an electric scooter? Probably because the most models, especially those of bigger carmakers, look like a futuristic skateboard or because they cost as much as a small car. Thanks but no thanks.  That’s most likely what the young entrepreneurs from unu motors thought when they started to develop their own vision of an electric scooter. Instead of designing a grounded spacecraft they engineered a beautiful scooter with the appealing curves and outlines of legendary rides like the Vespa. Read More
Hero Bike mit Relo Antrieb
Lots of companies have something like a “green” week or month in which people are encouraged to use their bike in order to get to work instead of their car. We do something like this at EBV and it’s great. However there are those days when you have an early meeting and don’t want to arrive at work completely exhausted after a bike ride. Skipping the good intentions and taking the car is the only alternative… or is it? The high-tech startup Relo is about to change the way youRead More
The Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC2016) in Barcelona is supposed to make us all craving the newest smartphones and run to the stores the week after in order to throw our money at the cashier in the nearest tech store. Actually this year I am not planning on buying any new handheld devices. I could even say, that I am a little frustrated by the new models. However there are other things which made the MWC2016 great. Stuff that demonstrates that the event grew from a platform for new devicesRead More
What makes a startup incubator successful? The facilities, the mentors, the partners, the program structure, the investors, the business partners, the experience – all true but ultimately it comes down to one core skill: selecting the most promising startups and ideas. Many incubators try to eliminate the risk of choosing the “wrong” startups by approaching things differently and supporting a huge number of entrepreneurs hoping that several of them might go through the roof and will be successful enough to justify the investments. That might be called the “wild-west style”Read More
Are you an engineer? Then you probably will remember the incredible cool stuff you created with Lego® Technic, the crystals you grew with a Kosmos kit and the complex ball obstacle courses you designed with Fischertechnik. Now, a couple decades later (yep, we’re getting old) we have been curious how kids and millennials play with technology. To find out we visited the toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany last week. Spoiler: The young generation is building way more amazing stuff than we did when tinkering together our FM radio kits. TheRead More