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If you’re an electronics developer designing IoT or other connected applications you will know two things: Firstly, fast-time-to-market is a key to success. Secondly, security is a complex feature to implement, however it’s of great importance. Another truth you probably are aware of is that a vast amount of devices currently on the market compromise security for more competitive retail price and quicker release. With the rising number of cyber-attacks system designers will need to rethink their security structures and implement advanced security features while meeting strict development deadlines. InRead More
USB Type-C seeks to free users from searching for cables and fiddling connectors in ports the right way round. The latest USB interface combines the small size of micro-USB Type-B plugs with increased performance, faster data transfer and higher power charging. Fairchild released a range of new components in order to help designers to manage the transition towards the new standard as smoothly as possible. The portfolio includes discrete, flexible USB Type-C solutions from controllers to power switches and SuperSpeed switches. Smaller, Lighter & More Powerful As a rule ofRead More
Smartphone Sensors
The process of the digitalisation of our environment and the connection of nearly everything to the Internet creates tons of new possibilities. Possibilities which need intelligent user interfaces and control. Buttons tend to vanish and are often replaced by touch screens and gesture control. The Need For Sensors Those modern control interfaces and displays need sensors in order to adapt to their surroundings. There are two main parameters which need to be observed. The first is the proximity to other objects in order to switch the display on and offRead More
Yes, the IoT will spark billions of new connections. Yes, there will be tons of unattended and autonomous devices connected to the internet that need to be secured. And yes everybody knows it. So why do we still see headlines about hacks popping up on a daily basis? Because implementing security isn’t easy nor is it cheap. Semiconductor manufacturers have understood this problem and are developing solutions in order to supply components that enable cost efficient and effortless implementation of protective features into applications. The latest “weapon” for the fightRead More
Size does matter! In contradiction to other areas for electronics the rule usually means the smaller the better. However laws of physics often restrict us from saving space and shrinking parts. This has been the case for power conversion for several years. Texas Instruments now developed a new buck converter based on the innovative capacitive conversion topology which enables engineers to shrink the size of on-board electronic power supplies by up to 80%. As power conversion often takes up a significant area of the board space this is a remarkableRead More
Extended Ecosystem for STM32F7
There are some great news for all those that are keen to use the STM32 high performance ARM Cortex-M7 MCUs: STMicroelectronics just introduced several new development boards for the latest members of its STM32F7 microcontroller series which are equipped with up to 2Mbyte of on-chip Flash memory and peripherals that help to create rich user interfaces. For makers and designers who need flexibility the Nucleo boards have always been the best choice. Among the releases is a new low-cost STM32 Nucleo-144 board featuring the STM32F767 variant. This board integrates theRead More
Ant Man NXP
A smarter world needs secure connections enabled by products that deliver performance, security and flexibility. For processors this means to get smaller and more powerful at the samt time. It seems NXP has found the Ant-Man-Suit and instead of giving it to a superhero they have fitted it to the new QorIQ LS1012A processor. The results are impressive: The QorIQ LS1012A is the world’s smallest and lowest power 64-bit processor, delivering networking-grade security and performance acceleration to battery-powered, space-constrained IoT applications. NXP’s newest innovation just got launched during the NXPRead More
SiC MOSFET STMicroelectronics
Have you ever had a nightmare that involved a MOSFET data sheet? We wouldn’t be surprised if you did. Choosing the perfect components is hard. Selecting the best MOSFET is even worse. Scrolling through tons of data sheets to find the perfect balance between on resistance (RDS(on)) and gate charge (Qg), estimating switching and conduction losses and considering die size and packaging can make for a rough day. On the other side of the table the R&D guys at semiconductor manufacturers face similar challenges, as at some point optimising parametersRead More
EBV embedded world booth 2016 front
No matter, if you attended the embedded world 2016 last week or if you couldn’t make it – chances are that the huge mass of exhibitors and headlines produced by the event have been overwhelming. As always we’re here to help and collected some of the most important highlights for you in order to make catching up as easy as it gets! EBV Elektronik Introduced Three New EBVchips Obviously there has been a lot going on at our own booth – but as we believe you follow our blogs and haveRead More
Broadcom Limited – connecting everything
Over the last two years mergers became a real habit in the semiconductor industry. Triggered by the demand for low cost chips and the possibility to create new synergies and to expand product portfolios there has been a real “shopping-fever” amongst companies. Within this ever-changing environment of semiconductor suppliers it can get really hard to figure out the advantages of the mergers. We’re here to help – and therefore we will explain to you how designers can actually benefit from one of the biggest deals of all: the combination ofRead More