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Over the last two years mergers became a real habit in the semiconductor industry. Triggered by the demand for low cost chips and the possibility to create new synergies and to expand product portfolios there has been a real “shopping-fever” amongst companies. Within this ever-changing environment of semiconductor suppliers it can get really hard to figure out the advantages of the mergers. We’re here to help – and therefore we will explain to you how designers can actually benefit from one of the biggest deals of all: the combination ofRead More
3D NAND Wafer Close-Up
Proud of the super-fast SSD in your new Laptop? Well, your storage will get a kick in the … soon. Why? Because Micron just announced the production of it’s TLC 3D NAND flash technology. The reason we are looking forward to this new storage technology is that it represents one of the major break-throughs in the area of memory technology. Over the last couple years storage innovation in the field of NAND was more or less limited to downsizing of the data cells on the memory die. In many casesRead More
Yeah, by now everyone pretty much knows about STMicroelectronics’s STM32 family of 32‑bit flash microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex®‑M processors as well as the great stuff you can do with them by using the resources of the STM32 open development environment (ODE) including the sophisticated STM32 Cube software. However some recent upgrades to the line-up are worth spending a few minutes to read another story about the versatile MCUs. The first new feature which will be welcomed by many creative makers, engineers and thinkers is the long-awaited Linux andRead More
I want smart home to happen. I want it to be good and to be easy – for me as consumer but also for device manufacturers because I want a lot of different products to choose from. What I don’t want is to worry about the interoperability of my devices each time I add or replace something in my home network. Without an accepted networking protocol which enables devices to join a mesh network securely, easily and without issues I won’t be able to get what I want. Now, more thanRead More
After last years hype around IoT technology two things became clear: IoT is the defining trend of the next years and security is a major challenge within it. While security software might be sufficient in some cases there is usually no way around implementing security hardware in applications in order to add the necessary protection to a device.   Having said that, there is the next issue: Affordability of security hardware. Security chips will only be implemented into products if the required expenses and efforts are reasonable. Solutions which create aRead More

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Industry 4.0 As Easy As Lego With The STM32 ODE

For engineering the 21st century has gone pretty well so far. From the rise of smartphones, over mobile internet and the IoT to renewable energy technology there have been many challenges and opportunities which have fuelled the need for inventions and new ideas. Newly born trends like the maker movement are not only producing a flood of creative applications but help the technology industries to get access to young professionals which are motivated to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Makers highly profit from modern development platforms which help themRead More
STMicroelectronics STM32L4 MCUs which have been announced earlier this year are now available! Why are we telling you his? Because you can do some really awesome stuff with those! The MCU is optimised for battery operated devices and scored record breaking 153 in the standardised EEMBC™ ULPBench® tests that compare the efficiency of ultra-low-power microcontrollers – proof enough that this ultra-low power wonder will certainly keep your applications alive as long as possible. So what to do with it? Throw it into your next wearable or even use it in IndustryRead More
Wireless power transfer has the potential to free us from cables and untie our smartphones from low-sitting wall plugs. However there is one big issue with this cable-eliminating technology: It is comparably complicated and cost consuming to implement and therefore it crawls towards the mass market slowly rather than flooding the store shelves. Now furniture makers want to boost the arrival of wireless power by offering furniture with integrated wireless charging fields – some big names try to fill them but there are only a few compliant devices on the market andRead More
Developing for the IoT? You could be one of thousand others having the same idea as the hype around connectivity of objects is on! However the new MAREN reference design platform might be exactly the advantage you need to develop the next big thing faster than the others. The EBV Solutions team tailored the new high performance and low power sensor hub specifically to address requirements of IoT applications. MAREN is equipped with MEMS sensors (motion and environmental), BLE and NFC connectivity as well as sensor processing algorithms (sensor fusion). The EBV MAREN high performance &Read More
Micron and Intel have developed an entirely new class of nonvolatile memory that can help turn immense amounts of data into valuable information in real time called 3D XPoint™. 3D Xpoint™ technology wafers are currently running in production lines at Intel Micron Flash Technologies fab (image: Intel) The huge leap forward is enabled by innovations like the cross point array structure. This means that perpendicular conductors connect 128 billion densely packed memory cells. Each memory cell stores a single bit of data. This compact structure results in high performance and high density.Read More