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We have a new reference design for you and it’s awesome! The next generation of the Altera SoC FPGA based development board, the “SoCrates II” is a powerful solution for processing applications. SoCrates II Development Board With Altera Cyclone V SoC The core device of the board is an Altera Cyclone V SoC device with an 800 MHz Dual Core ARM® Cortex®-A9 processor. SoCrates II has a customisable FPGA area offering enough space to implement a variety of different peripherals and now comes with high speed connectivity features. While the processor isRead More
This article by Majeed Ahmad originally appeared on Atmel | Bits & Pieces Large SoCs without an Ethernet interface typically have slow start-up times and high-power requirements — until now.  Atmel, a lead partner for the ARM Cortex-M7 processor launch in October 2014, has unveiledthree new M7-based microcontrollers with a unique memory architecture and advanced connectivity features for the connected car market. According to a company spokesman, E70, V71 and V70 chips are the industry’s highest performing Cortex-M microcontrollers with six-stage dual-issue pipeline delivering 1500 CoreMarks at 300MHz. Moreover, V70 and V71 microcontrollers areRead More
Have you ever pictured a pop concert without the light show in your mind? Thousands of people standing and cheering in front of a dark stage – something we can’t even imagine. We want a show and we want it to be mind-blowing. In fact we want it to look exactly like the one of rapper “Wiz Khalifa” in the cover picture of this post. The stunning light beams on the stage are created by the French lighting company Ayrton, specialised in developing intelligent LED light products for entertainment and architectural applications.  During lastRead More
Functional safety is vital to every device and application in order to prevent risk for humans and the environment. At the same time the term is not really what one would call a “sexy” feature of a product. In addition the implementation of functional safety mechanisms and systems is expensive and needs a lot of expertise.  Companies in Europe and the US have to face very strict rules regarding product liability for the products and machinery they develop. In order to sell products manufacturers need to meet the demanding safetyRead More
A new video from Osram Opto Semiconductors illustrates how LED technology is used in modern applications and how it is affecting our daily lives. The video is highly interesting for everyone from tech fans to lighting experts as it gives a very comprehensive overview of LED applications and provides an outlook on how the technology will be used in the future.  Modern lighting offers significant advantages compared to common light bulbs. Why is this important? Well, an average person interacts with over 140,000 LEDs per day. Innovative illumination and LED applications can profit from theRead More
Texas Instruments and EBV Elektronik deliver comprehensive support for the recently introduced SIMPLE SWITCHER regulators that simplify wide VIN synchronous power supply design and help engineers create energy-efficient, electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliant products. The easy-to-use LM43600/1/2/3 and LM46000/1/2 DC/DC converters feature an input voltage range of up to 60 V for high reliability in rugged systems, and 27 micro amps of standby current that minimizes power consumption at light load. The unique synchronous power stage architecture reduces radiated emissions for EMC compliance in a variety of industrial, automotive and communicationsRead More
Good news for all makers, start-ups and Arduino fans: With the new STMicroelectronics (ST) STM32 Nucleo environment another semiconductor manufacturer is offering some cool and exciting development boards, extension boards and great software compatible with Arduino. The following is a quick guide on how to get started and what products are available. Pick the Right Developer Board In most cases if you have an idea for a new application you will start picking the right MCU for the design. In case of the STM 32 Open Development Environment (STM32ODE) youRead More
Remember the time 20 years ago? No Internet, no emails and no Justin Bieber. Two of those things are actually challenging to imagine living without if you are an engineer nowadays. Two decades ago you would have had to call your local sales guy, asking her or him to bring a truck load of brochures, books and data sheets a long. Searching for the right, innovative product you could have spent hours scrolling through these papers (while listening to good music…). A great Idea and the Birth of the MIPRead More
Near Field Communication (NFC) enables devices such as smartphones to communicate with each other by touching them. The technology is hot these days especially if we look at the Internet of Things (IoT). NFC is fast, seamless and secure as the devices have to be very close together to communicate making it nearly impossible to hack the connection without physical presence. The trending technology is already used in many ways as the NFC tags (NFC chip which holds information, energy mostly through energy harvesting) are really tiny in size and canRead More
The best about a semiconductor is what you can build with it! Here are some of the coolest tech-gadgets of this year which you may consider for your Christmas wish-list!  OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker   image: OM/ONE The OM/ONE is the world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker. There are many small speakers out there already but the OM/ONE is undoubtedly the most stylish one. The actual sound comes from the “Speaker Orb” which is a levitating ball with built-in microphone. The “OM/ONE Base” is a magnetic station that levitates the Speaker Orb plus USBRead More