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Horoscope? What? I am an engineer, not a fool! No worries, this is as far from a common horoscope as the distance between Neptune and Uranus when they are on opposite sides of the sun (approximately 4500 million miles – but you knew that you’re an engineer after all!). Choose the engineering category below which fits you and be stunned how precisely we can predict your future for 2015!  Your Future – Now! The Engineer Horoscope 2015 Share, download and repost this infographic if you like our predictions!Read More
The year 2014 is almost over and we saw some crazy and exciting things happen in the past 12 months. The major trend this year has been the Internet of Things (IoT) which also led the Gartner Hype Cycle chart. Here is a short look-back on the highlights of each vertical segment and more. Identification What an incredible year for identification applications. NFC dual interface products becoming a widely used technology has definitely been a big trend this year.  Enabling the user to easily tap and pair devices to Bluetooth and otherRead More
Frankfurt 1963 – Mercedes presents the Mercedes 600 at the IAA. A new V8 motor featuring single overhead camshafts (SOHC) and Bosch mechanical fuel injection, a complex 150-bar (2,176 psi) hydraulic pressure system powering the automobile’s windows, seats, sun-roof, boot lid, and automatically closing doors are just some highlights of the automobile that starred in several James Bond and other film productions. The good old times! Until just two decades ago car trends were driven by superlatives – more power, more speed, bigger size! Playing car quartett was easy: 500 hp! I win! ButRead More

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The 20 best Apps for Engineers 2014

As our smartphones evolve and feature more and more sensors paired with increasing processing capabilities the apps make huge steps forward as well. In 2014 we saw many new and cool software pieces – Apple recently presented its list of top apps in the year 2014 (see the list on Mashable here). We created our own list with helpful tools for engineers, cool apps to stay organised and some really fun and scientific games. Read here and click the thumbnails to view the apps in the iTunes App Store. iCircuit iCircuitRead More
The best about a semiconductor is what you can build with it! Here are some of the coolest tech-gadgets of this year which you may consider for your Christmas wish-list!  OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker   image: OM/ONE The OM/ONE is the world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker. There are many small speakers out there already but the OM/ONE is undoubtedly the most stylish one. The actual sound comes from the “Speaker Orb” which is a levitating ball with built-in microphone. The “OM/ONE Base” is a magnetic station that levitates the Speaker Orb plus USBRead More
Before an exciting year 2014 comes to an end let us throw it back to the Electronica a couple weeks ago. EBV Elektronik added its flavour to the show by presenting various Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at the booth together with customers, participating in a number of  key notes and making some noise for the EBVchips program in the press conference on the topic. Our suppliers showed so many great innovations, new products and demos as well, that we were not even able to film and photograph all of the cool stuff they presented. ButRead More

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Our robot of the Year 2014 – hitchBOT

hitchBOT started a journey, crossing Canada, the world’s fourth largest country and proved the smartness of technology and the kindness of humanity in doing so. The robot travelled over 6000 km from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia only relying on friendly drivers picking him up and giving him a ride in just 21 days.  cover picture: hitchBOT at home with it’s research team in Port Credit, Ontario. (source: Ryerson University) hitchBOT with creators David Harris Smith (McMaster University) and Frauke Zeller (Ryerson University) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 2014. (source:Ryerson University, Photo credit: Norbert GuthierRead More
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the hottest buzz word in almost all high-tech markets these days, generating tons of news every week. The IoT basically describes the connectivity of devices and applications to the internet, enabling these “things” to communicate and interact with other things and humans in the network. This interconnectivity creates so many new ideas and holds so many possibilities that it seems hard to keep up with it. We brought two experts from Texas Instruments and EBV together at our Electronica booth in order to talk about thisRead More
Anticipation on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has suffered some draw backs lately as not only Elon Musk but also other renown scientists including Stephen Hawking have made alerting statements on the danger of digital super intelligence. The discussion was fueled this weekend again after noted virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier was featured on publisher John Brockman’s site,, discussing the potential threat of artificial intelligence in a post titled “The Myth of A.I.”. Lanier’s thoughts activated a number of science and technology experts to comment and start a discussion. Among those comments were the words of Musk, who wrote a particularly alarming note aboutRead More