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Covi smart home hub
You might have heard of Senic already. Yes, but not sure what it was? Need a hint? Maybe it is dawning with smart home controllers? Certainly some will see the light with the name “NUIMO”. Not least since the winning of the 2015 Red Dot and German Design award for their first crowd-funded product, the Berlin-based start-up company Senic is no longer a stranger in the IoT landscape. Now they launched their second project on Kickstarter. If you are thinking of a new lamp for your home and at theRead More
eCozy smart thermostat
Smart home adoption is rather crawling instead of running towards our homes. The main reason: user experience and security issues. However there is a third important factor – the old technology already installed in our homes and well proven but “un-connectable” to the internet. One of the best examples are the heating systems in most European homes. A huge number of houses and apartments use water radiators mounted to the wall and controlled with a simple nob that you turn in order to adjust the temperature. The good news aboutRead More
Smart Home Controller
Guest blog from Ralph Goodman. In a world where all of your devices communicate and can be controlled from one central location, there is a growing concern about security. Interconnectedness can be a great thing. It allows users greater levels of convenience and control over their devices, which is unparalleled to anything we have seen before. There are many benefits, but there is still this one looming threat. The Concerns There is an old clique in the security world that pervades the minds of all skeptics. “A chain is onlyRead More
BMW i8 Key
With the connected car we not just open up new possibilities for the owners but also for hackers and thieves. Car hack’s like the one of a Jeep or BMW’s connected drive have proofed that modern vehicles often lag appropriate security technology. Among the main vulnerabilities are smartphones which are commonly used to access the car, start it remotely or locate it via apps. In order to add additional security and prevent hacker attacks the implementation of crypto hardware into the system would be an effective solution. The software developmentRead More
Triby + Alexa Announcement
Invoxia, a french high-tech company known for innovative VoIP SIP phones, just announced that Triby, a family-focused message board, internet radio and VoIP device (we reported before here), will be the first device available for purchase not made by Amazon to feature the company’s clever voice service Alexa. Since its introduction in 2015 Triby was a smart kitchen companion, playing music via the built in In Vivo Acoustic ® speakers, sending digital post-its and messages to your family, and handling your incoming calls. As first third-party device using the AmazonRead More
IoT meets the real world

Posted On April 4, 2016By Christian JakobIn Internet of Things, RF & Wireless, Smart Home

Where IoT Meets the Real World

The Internet of Things is on everybody’s lips. During tech conferences, trade fairs and in the media it is one of the predominant topics nowadays. But for many people it is still a subject that in hardly tangible. We want to bring the IoT closer to you and describe where it meets the real world. We at EBV, together with our manufacturing partner ON Semiconductor, are running a campaign, which is devoted to exactly this purpose. We tackle various areas and provide solutions spanning from image sensing to wired andRead More
Sevenhugs Smart Remote
Smart home enthusiast? Yep, it’s great to be able to control everything from the couch via the smartphone. Turn off the lights? Unlock the device (“ Damn, screen is too dirty for Touch ID…”), search for the app (“What was it called, and on what screen does it hide?”) open it, select the light you want to control and switch it off. Took you about twice as long as standing up might have. Comfortable? Maybe. Irritating? For sure. Some hardcore “smart stuff” lovers might argue that the really cool thingRead More
Frankfurt on the Main: View of the city as seen from the Deutschherrnbruecke (Teutonic Knights Bridge) at dusk
The hottest and brightest trade fair for lighting and building automation will take place just one month from now and all architects, interior architects, designers, planners, engineers, artisans and more should mark the days March 13-18 in their calendars. The biyearly Light + Building (L+B) trade fair will focus on system solutions and designs enhancing the quality of life with the motto being ‘digital – individual – networked’ this year. In other words this means to get comfortable through intelligent interconnected smart home and building systems and just as itRead More
NXP IoT Truck
When you walk through the streets these days you might see a whacky vehicle driving around. Then you might ask if people coming from the future lost their way and hit our roads. At this point we can reassure you. The futuristic truck is underway on behalf of a special mission: The NXP IoT Truck Smarter World Tour. An IoT lab on wheels The Dutch semiconductor manufacturer NXP, partner of EBV Elektronik, has stuffed this special vehicle with plenty of technology and visual material to explain the fascinating and diverseRead More
CES Logo
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas is well underway and the world is talking about all those innovations, technologies and gadgets that are supposed to improve our everyday lives. TVs bigger and with higher resolution than ever seen before, technology that makes your home more secure and more smart, innovations for the healthcare sector, virtual reality devices for better gaming experience, wearables that are useful in sports, and so on and so forth. EBV Suppliers Showcase Their Products and Applications One day after the internationally renowned electronicsRead More