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It’s the crazy first week of January again and in just a few days thousands of people will jump out of their casino hotel beds and squeeze themselves in crowded shuttle buses, will snatch someone else’s taxi away or jump on the monorail regardless of others. You get what we’re talking about, Vegas Baby! In the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 high-tech companies will showcase their latest innovations and ideas as well as indicate trends for the technology of tomorrow. However the CES isRead More
From your very own robotic entertainment butler over feature-rich home control solutions to smart music players – here are six of the coolest smart home devices you might have missed during this year. Prizm Prizm is a little pyramid-shaped music player that connects to your WiFi, speakers and to your smartphone and learns your music listening habits. Music is streamed directly from the internet using your Soundcloud, Spotify or Deezer accounts (with more compatible services on the horizon). The coolest feature however is that Prizm recognises who is in listening rangeRead More
Here is how you create a mesh: You start by creating small knots and make them work. In a second step you connect these knots to a bigger mesh. As soon as this bigger network works you connect it to others, similar networks to form an even bigger one. Repeat that and your mesh will grow. Translating this ideal process to smart grids would mean to start with smart, energy-efficient homes. As soon as all houses of a community are “smart” it is time to connect them and make themRead More
I want smart home to happen. I want it to be good and to be easy – for me as consumer but also for device manufacturers because I want a lot of different products to choose from. What I don’t want is to worry about the interoperability of my devices each time I add or replace something in my home network. Without an accepted networking protocol which enables devices to join a mesh network securely, easily and without issues I won’t be able to get what I want. Now, more thanRead More
Do you remember the first consumer IoT device you read about? Ok, your first generation iPhone doesn’t count. Maybe you’ll think about the Nest thermostat? When it was introduced in 2011 the Nest Learning Thermostat was one of the first globally successful IoT devices. It was followed by a big hype around similar products and smart hubs which were meant to control our lighting, heating, doors and more in order to save energy and simplify our lives. Now, a couple years later the term “Internet of Things” is omnipresent andRead More
Triby is the smartest way to make your kitchen more fun, connected and keep in touch with your loved ones while getting your hands dirty during cooking, dish washing or having a meal. Invoxia a high-tech company specialised on the design, development and production of telecommunication products recently developed a device which is not aimed at your office but at your home. The french company is known for innovative VoIP SIP phones like the NVX 620 which integrate your smartphone in your conference unit and desktop phone. With the coolRead More
Wohoo another smart home controller… NO. Homee is different. It’s easier, more flexible and more fun. Homee is a “modular home control”. The project to develop Homee has been initiated by Jochen Schöllig and Waldemar Wunder, who are also the founders of the Internet of Things agency Codeatelier based in Stuttgart, Germany. So what exactly sets their approach apart from other smart home controllers? First of all, Homee is not only one device. It consists out of different building blocks which allow you to build your own device fitting toRead More
Ok, basically everyone knows how a smart home hub or controller works. You connect stuff and control it via an app. In the case of “Homey” that’s true – but it can do a lot more. Homey can give visual feedback via the LED ring Homey from the Dutch start-up Athom is a smart control for your electronic devices and unlike some other smart home hubs it has a lot of unique features to love which make it a perfect fit for most homes. First and for many of usRead More
Smart lights, thermostats, refrigerators, locks… how many connected devices do you have? 10? 20? Even more? All of those things require getting your smartphone out of your pocket, swiping over the screen, entering your password to unlock it and then opening an app to control them. In some cases you can also use a switch or button on the device which is not really what you want to do when you payed for a “smart” and connected thing. Smart Controller “Nuimo” from Senic Don’t worry there is a solution: smart controllers.Read More
Have you ever imagined yourself when you are 80 years or older? You have grey hair and some wrinkles but apart from that you are looking like Pam Anderson or David Hasselhoff in the first season of Baywatch. Well, I hate to break it to you but chances are you will not be that fit any more. However you may not have to worry about having to live in an old people’s home to be safe – at least not if you ask Casenio. Casenio, a Berlin, Germany based start-up is developing smart homeRead More