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Once or twice a year you find those letters in your mailbox from your electricity suppliers. They give you notice of someone from the company is about to come by to read the counter status of your power meter. One more time you are annoyed of being forced to take an extra vacation day for this event. But there’s no choice, someone needs to be at home. But there’s good news! This might change soon. If you have a look at your electricity meter, you might wonder if you reallyRead More
Last month the African Utility Week took place in Cape Town and gathered a record 6445 attendees from 17-19 May. The conference and exhibition is targeting the same industries as its sister event, the European Utility Week but African utility and renewable energy companies face different and unique challenges. The solution to most of those challenges however is the same as to Europe’s: technology. According to Evan Schiff, event director of the African Utility Week conference and exhibition, technology, water and renewable energy were strong themes this year. He furtherRead More
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“What, how and why” are the questions most people ask when they have to design a new product. However great products are designed by reversing the order of these three words: Why do we need a product – or in other words – what problem do we want to solve? How should the product solve this problem and how should it look like? What do we need to do in order to achieve this? Solving a specific problem is what our EBVchips program is all about. For years EBV hasRead More
Frankfurt on the Main: View of the city as seen from the Deutschherrnbruecke (Teutonic Knights Bridge) at dusk
The hottest and brightest trade fair for lighting and building automation will take place just one month from now and all architects, interior architects, designers, planners, engineers, artisans and more should mark the days March 13-18 in their calendars. The biyearly Light + Building (L+B) trade fair will focus on system solutions and designs enhancing the quality of life with the motto being ‘digital – individual – networked’ this year. In other words this means to get comfortable through intelligent interconnected smart home and building systems and just as itRead More
No, 2015 was not the year in which we discovered the IoT for metering. It was not the year we first saw smart grid applications. Standards for smart metering have also been around the years before. So why was 2015 so important for the renewable energies segment? Because we moved on from just having ideas and trying out new things to really make them work and prepare them for global deployment. In 2015 we achieved a lot which is relevant for a greener future. As I am writing these linesRead More
The European Utility Week 2015 (EUW 2015) in Vienna, Austria delivered big time. While at last year’s event in Amsterdam, Netherlands it seemed like many companies still needed to catch up with the new possibilities created by IoT and smart metering/grid technology this year the participants were striving to innovate together based on the new opportunities. The last couple years we came a long way from the very first wireless smart meters over creating standards for connected renewable energy applications to taking a look at the bigger picture including powerRead More
Do you remember the first consumer IoT device you read about? Ok, your first generation iPhone doesn’t count. Maybe you’ll think about the Nest thermostat? When it was introduced in 2011 the Nest Learning Thermostat was one of the first globally successful IoT devices. It was followed by a big hype around similar products and smart hubs which were meant to control our lighting, heating, doors and more in order to save energy and simplify our lives. Now, a couple years later the term “Internet of Things” is omnipresent andRead More
Our friends from Watt Circuit recently joined the Motiv8 Forums in Manchester and created a great video on our RF solutions for low power communications, relevant to the Internet of Things. The demonstrated sub GHz RF solution based on Analog Devices products is designed for applications such as smart meters in which small amounts of data (e.g. from a sensor) have to be transmitted to the cloud. In these areas of application battery lifetime of up to 20 years and long range of the RF signal are crucial. The video alsoRead More
We want to go green, we want to take control of our expenses and we want to do it with minimal effort. For energy, gas and water in our homes this means employing smart meters. However before it is possible to unlock all possibilities of smart metering and intelligent gas, heat, water and energy distribution on a bigger scale it is vitally important to craft a capable metering standard. The OMS Group, a community of interest of associations, therefore developed the open metering system (OMS) specification which is an open, vendorRead More
Mix up a good idea with swiss precision and what will you get? The smartest power plug you’ll find! Smart-Me is an energy and power meter, a remote switch, a time switch and a temperature meter all in one compact device.  The device, developed by the two swiss David Eberli and Noldy Eberli is a class 1 energy and power meter which is capable of measuring power, energy, current voltage and power factor with an accuracy of astonishing 99%. Smart-Me is also WiFi enabled, letting you read all the information on yourRead More