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The STM32 family counts a new member. Two years after STMicroelectronics launched their first Cortex-M7 based STM32F7, they announced just recently the launch of the new STM32H7 that promises maximum performance. The microcontroller community is aware of the numerous variations of STM32 offering variable peripherals and various package sizes and forms. Additionally, thanks to a small chip size it can be offered cost-effectively. The STM32 family is a truly success story and has been shipped already more than 2 billion times. The 32-bit Flash microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex®‑M7Read More

Posted On October 10, 2016By Sven BlankenbergIn Business Intelligence, Technology

Industry 4.0 Without Cloud Computing

Worldwide economy is at the threshold to the fourth industrial revolution. Driven by the Internet, real and virtual world are merging to create the Internet of Things (IoT). Topics like Industry 4.0 are omnipresent when you talk to experts in that area. Focus of attention then are networking opportunities of sensors and actuators by means of field bus systems or the networking of machines via standard protocols. Cloud services almost appear to be taken for granted in this context for data exchange or storage. But is this the only wayRead More
Sensing IoT Technology
A couple of months ago already we introduced our current campaign we are running with our manufacturing partner ON Semiconductor. It’s objective is to bring you closer to the buzzing topic of the Internet of Things (IoT), and provide you examples where the IoT meets the real world. The article’s focus was on connectivity, which is one of the fundamentals to make the IoT happen. According to Gartner, every day about 5.5 million devices will be connected. Nevertheless, devices only being connected to each other will not yet make theRead More
USB Type-C seeks to free users from searching for cables and fiddling connectors in ports the right way round. The latest USB interface combines the small size of micro-USB Type-B plugs with increased performance, faster data transfer and higher power charging. Fairchild released a range of new components in order to help designers to manage the transition towards the new standard as smoothly as possible. The portfolio includes discrete, flexible USB Type-C solutions from controllers to power switches and SuperSpeed switches. Smaller, Lighter & More Powerful As a rule ofRead More
Smartphone Sensors
The process of the digitalisation of our environment and the connection of nearly everything to the Internet creates tons of new possibilities. Possibilities which need intelligent user interfaces and control. Buttons tend to vanish and are often replaced by touch screens and gesture control. The Need For Sensors Those modern control interfaces and displays need sensors in order to adapt to their surroundings. There are two main parameters which need to be observed. The first is the proximity to other objects in order to switch the display on and offRead More
Since a couple of months we are running a campaign dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) together with our manufacturing partner Analog Devices (ADI). The objective of the campaign is to realize the best possible outcomes for customers and their IoT projects. We already introduced ADI’s solutions for smart building in an earlier article. The focus here will be on “Smart Factory”, which is becoming a more and more prominent matter in the society. What Matters In The Industrial Internet Of Things In our article about smart building securityRead More
A couple of days ago we published two articles covering the topic of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). The first article gave you an overview about the set of networking communication standard that have been developed by the Time-Sensitive Networking Task Group. This set can be seen as the successor of the existing Audio Video Bridging (AVB) bringing benefits especially for the requirements of modern industrial and automotive networks. Industry 4.0 means intelligent and interconnected production and an interoperability of machines. TSN standards help to reduce delays and latency, increased robustness andRead More
Tesla Charging
The strive for increased energy efficiency, lighter and smaller applications as well as optimised system cost has been determining developments in power electronics for years. Optimisation of silicon based solutions like MOSFETs and IGBTs in the high voltage range (above 600V) is close to reach its limits. Due to the increasing demand for HEV/EVs as well as compact solutions for solar inverters, industrial drives and high frequency power supplies semiconductor manufacturers need to find new ways to achieve the goal of better efficiency. Wide band gap (WBG) technologies like SiCRead More
By now you might have read about our versatile high performance and low power IoT sensor hub MAREN (if not click here). The feature-rich reference design platform which is equipped with Bluetooth and NFC as standard can be extended with additional connectivity solutions via Atmel XPLAINED PRO interface. A couple days ago we described the possibilities created by using the Atmel ATA8520-EK-3 extension in order to connect MAREN to the Sigfox network (read more here). In this article we will take a look at a new solution based on theRead More
The introduction of solid-state lighting (SSL) to environmental lighting applications has been the most disruptive break-through within the lighting segment since the invention of the light bulb. LEDs enable intelligent and flexible illumination while being a lot more energy efficient than conventional light sources (learn more in the article “Artificial Light Can Do A “LoT” More Than You Might Know” here). Control & Powering Of LED Applications In order to access new possibilities like human centric or horticultural lighting intelligent control of the applications is required. Within the age ofRead More