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Sometimes just talking about a cool device or gadget doesn’t cut it. Here are 10 companies with groundbreaking ideas and passionate teams with the potential to change our future! Bare Conductive The team of designers from Bare Conductive created one of the most versatile and cool maker kits ever, based on the “Touch Board” and “Electric Paint”. With the tools from Bare Conductive you can draw electric circuits on almost any surface in order to add cool functionality. The non-toxic conductive ink has also fans among some high-tech companies whoRead More
No, 2015 was not the year in which we discovered the IoT for metering. It was not the year we first saw smart grid applications. Standards for smart metering have also been around the years before. So why was 2015 so important for the renewable energies segment? Because we moved on from just having ideas and trying out new things to really make them work and prepare them for global deployment. In 2015 we achieved a lot which is relevant for a greener future. As I am writing these linesRead More
Sometimes looking into the future means taking a look back! Take a journey through time with EBV Elektronik and travel back to the year 1969. On a dedicated website we collected highlights which had an impact on technology, society and the global economy. Facts and stories aligned to the development of EBV from the very first days as a small company with only 5 employees to the EMEA leader in semiconductor distribution. In 1969 when EBV was founded in Düsseldorf, Germany the first moon landing was accomplished, the Woodstock festivalRead More
The year 2014 is almost over and we saw some crazy and exciting things happen in the past 12 months. The major trend this year has been the Internet of Things (IoT) which also led the Gartner Hype Cycle chart. Here is a short look-back on the highlights of each vertical segment and more. Identification What an incredible year for identification applications. NFC dual interface products becoming a widely used technology has definitely been a big trend this year.  Enabling the user to easily tap and pair devices to Bluetooth and otherRead More
Before an exciting year 2014 comes to an end let us throw it back to the Electronica a couple weeks ago. EBV Elektronik added its flavour to the show by presenting various Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at the booth together with customers, participating in a number of  key notes and making some noise for the EBVchips program in the press conference on the topic. Our suppliers showed so many great innovations, new products and demos as well, that we were not even able to film and photograph all of the cool stuff they presented. ButRead More

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Our robot of the Year 2014 – hitchBOT

hitchBOT started a journey, crossing Canada, the world’s fourth largest country and proved the smartness of technology and the kindness of humanity in doing so. The robot travelled over 6000 km from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia only relying on friendly drivers picking him up and giving him a ride in just 21 days.  cover picture: hitchBOT at home with it’s research team in Port Credit, Ontario. (source: Ryerson University) hitchBOT with creators David Harris Smith (McMaster University) and Frauke Zeller (Ryerson University) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 2014. (source:Ryerson University, Photo credit: Norbert GuthierRead More