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EV Race track
Editor’s note: To read the English version of this article click here. Autonomes Fahren kommt. Tatsächlich haben wir seit dem Hype welchen selbstfahrende Autos auf der CES im Januar 2015 kreiert haben allerdings nur wenig wirklich befriedigende Fahrzeuge gesehen. Google lässt seine drolligen Autos zwar schon fahrerlos durch das Silicon Valley fahren, jedoch sind trotz wenig rasanter 40km/h Höchstgeschwindigkeit bereits kleine Unfälle vorgekommen. Tesla hat mit dem Software-Update 7.0 seine intelligente Cruise Control erweitert und dem Model S die Fähigkeit auf Highways selbst zu lenken beigebracht. Beeindruckend, aber nur empfehlenswert fürRead More
Undercover Hero
When Thomas Alva Edison invented the lightbulb in 1879 he probably couldn’t imagine how important his innovation was. Light is everywhere. It’s the invention that drove the fast adoption and extension of the power grid and made electricity available for nearly everyone.    For more than a century artificial light remained a pretty simple application which we got used to so much that we tend to forget it’s all around us – even in applications like remote controls in which infrared light is used for communication. Since the introduction ofRead More
aircraft inspetion
Time is money – and if there is one thing no company likes to lose then it’s cash. Therefore every idea that helps businesses to save expenses is a great idea. By those standards the idea of the French startup “Donecle” is mind-blowing as the company is able to save airlines and airport MRO up to 95% of time and human resources during aircraft inspections. How is that possible? Basically in order to inspect any huge, hard to access object like the exterior of aircrafts, wind turbines or buildings itRead More
EBV TQ of Wearable Technology
To understand a complex topic we need to lead conversations with experts, ask the right questions, collect facts and learn from history to predict the future. Let’s answer one thing straight away: Why are wearables important enough to dedicate a complete issue of our knowledge magazine “The Quintessence” (TQ) to it? Ultra-portable computers will infiltrate diverse aspects of our lives and while some may remain gadgets others will have a huge influence on our performance, well-being and quality of life. No matter, if you are involved in wearable technology onRead More
Neurons Semiconductor
The IoT is a vision of how the world can change through digital interconnection. It is based on cyber physical systems (CPS) which translate the real world into digital signals and data using sensors, electronics, software and connectivity. What are we actually doing with this data and what could we do with it in the future? Let’s take a deep dive on the IoT and it’s capabilities. The first step into the IoT is the sensing of external conditions and presentation of the digitised data; highly interesting for research butRead More
Smart Parking Assistant
If you are a driver you’ve certainly been faced with situations like this already, when you had an appointment downtown, running a bit late already, and you couldn’t find a parking lot. You can literally feel your blood pressure rise. The first drops of sweat run down from your forehead. After quite a while you finally found a space where you could squeeze your car, paid a ticket and made it only a few minutes late to your appointment. But the meeting took longer than expected. Back to your carRead More
The story actually starts exactly 100 ago with one of the world’s most famous scientists, Albert Einstein. Best known in popular culture for his mass-energy equivalence formula E=mc², the German-born theoretical physicist claimed in 1916 that so-called gravitational waves must exist in the universe. This prediction at that time belonged to Einstein’s most spectacular ones, that even he himself was convinced that they will never be evidenced. Since then scientist researched for their existence. Finally at the beginning of this year, physicists at The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) announced,Read More
Cars Tokio Highway
Self-driving cars have been a vision and dream for decades and at some point over the last years we all recognised that we have reached a point of technological advancement that makes autonomous driving possible. However there is a huge BUT. Not only is it one of the most complex tasks to integrate sensor-based and highly rational technology into the emotional and imperfect traffic world of human drivers it’s also a heavy challenge to find solutions for legal, social, economical and ergonomic conflicts. In order to get a clear pictureRead More
The IoT Is A Vision – The Industry 4.0 Is A Strategy  In the first part of this blog we established that one difference between IoT and Industry 4.0 are the requirements towards the technology. The next step we have to tackle in order to define the differences between the terms lie in the goals of the two along with the methods to reach them.  The first question I’d like to take a look on is: What is the goal of IoT? This is a tricky one as the predictedRead More
The Technology Is Similar, Yet So Different!  Smart answer to our headline: “There is no difference!”. Wrong. There are several things both trends have in common but the important details lie in the differences of the two. To identify them we have to think about the technologies, their impact on society and the goals behind the two terms.  One problem in explaining the differences between the IoT and the Industry 4.0 might be how most of us approach to talk about them. Here’s an example.  “Both are basically describing theRead More