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gilrs day
There’s still an imbalance between women and men working in technology professions, although much has happened during the last years. Initiatives like the Girls Day contribute to the change that more and more women make career in professions that for a long time were occupied by men. More and more women hold significant positions in high-tech companies. No matter if Facebook, IBM or Microsoft, many global corporations trust in the skills of women. However, there is still this old idea in people’s heads that engineering is a men’s world. AndRead More
Already for the third time in a row it was the time of the year again, when we met in the beautiful Chiemgau to celebrate the “EBV Oscars” award show yesterday. Located south of the “Bavarian See”, the Chiemsee, many of our supplier partners and EBV employees came to Grassau for this extraordinary event. Everybody was curious who would win the EBV Wolpertinger Marketing Award, which was given to honour the best and most successful marketing and communication activities in cooperation with our suppliers. Last year’s event was still echoingRead More
Girls' Day 2016
We need more women in tech! Innovation needs creative minds and successful technology companies need a diverse skill set among their employees. Every company can profit from a good balance between men and women however high-tech companies still struggle to find the female experts to achieve this. So what to do about it? In order to arouse interest for technology girls need to get in touch with engineering when they are still young and candid for all possibilities lying ahead of them. Therefore, in 2001 the “Girls’ Day” was introducedRead More
Skylights Theater Glasses Inside
Hawaii, Fiji, the Maldives, Mauritius… there are so many incredible places to explore and all that stands between you and a perfect white-sand beach is a long distance flight. 10+ hours of being stuck in a tiny seat, caught next to an over-enthusiastic honeymooner couple, plagued by a screaming baby in the seat behind you and jealously looking up front where the folks in business and first class enjoy Champagne and lots of space.  No way you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed and in a good mood without something thatRead More
RELO plug drive landscape
Good design is important – no matter if you are an hardware engineer, software developer fashion designer or marketing manager. But what is good design? Especially in the field of product design it’s about much more than just an amazing look. Design has to convince, has to offer an added value and enhanced functionality. This is highly important especially for technology startups which have to convince their customers with their first products as they have no reputation to build up on. Since 1955 the design centre of North Rhine-Westphalia inRead More
Hacker IT Cyber Security
Whenever we talk about the IoT we also need to talk about cyber security. For developers and engineers it’s a challenge to protect services and products in two ways. Firstly, security technology is complex and needs to find a fine balance between protection and affordability. The second aspect is to make the security measures as easy to handle for customers as possible. The last one might be even more tricky than most of us have thought. Even setting a password to protect sensitive data is too much for many users.Read More
Unu Scooter City
If you live in a big city why would you not have an electric scooter? Probably because the most models, especially those of bigger carmakers, look like a futuristic skateboard or because they cost as much as a small car. Thanks but no thanks.  That’s most likely what the young entrepreneurs from unu motors thought when they started to develop their own vision of an electric scooter. Instead of designing a grounded spacecraft they engineered a beautiful scooter with the appealing curves and outlines of legendary rides like the Vespa. Read More
Hero Bike mit Relo Antrieb
Lots of companies have something like a “green” week or month in which people are encouraged to use their bike in order to get to work instead of their car. We do something like this at EBV and it’s great. However there are those days when you have an early meeting and don’t want to arrive at work completely exhausted after a bike ride. Skipping the good intentions and taking the car is the only alternative… or is it? The high-tech startup Relo is about to change the way youRead More
EBV Embedded World Live Wall
The embedded world 2016 will kick-off just minutes from now and open its gates for makers, engineers, designers and semiconductor industry experts from around the world. The exhibition, which takes place over the next three days in Nuremberg, Germany is the place to be this week.   But how to stay up to date during the event? Well, it’s easy – whether you are at the show and want to know what’s going on or if your are somewhere else and want to follow the action just click here to checkoutRead More
Are you an engineer? Are you feeling that common horoscopes fail to forecast your future precisely? Do you want someone to predict your future under consideration of your true potential? We hear you engineers, makers and tech enthusiasts. That is why we sat down and analysed stellar constellations, electronic applications and market forecasts compared our results to Moore’s law then mixed everything with as much expertise and feedback from our own engineers as possible just to continue and… ok enough, you see where we are getting at: this is the most accurate horoscope forRead More