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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

2015 was incredible! The IoT seems to be growing up with more and more solutions addressing complex challenges for example in industrial and healthcare segments. For 2016 there is still a lot of room left for innovation and improvement of IoT applications. Special attention will be necessary when it comes to security hardware in order to create secure networks. Another crucial factor in order to unlock the complete possibilities of the IoT will be the access to the internet for all people on a global scale. This will help usRead More
Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon
About a year ago, in an earlier article in this blog, we introduced Marianne Doetzer and wrote about her remarkable engagement. Just to recap briefly, Ms. Doetzer dedicated her life to help children and people in Benin, Africa in order to enable them to live better and happier lives. She manages and realizes many projects, also with the support of EBV employees, which have a positive and sustainable impact for the country in West Africa. Now she received a special honour, which caused us to write another article about herRead More

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The Best Movies For Engineers – Part 2

Christmas is only a few days away. Finally some time off, bad weather outside and nothing to do. The hardest task is to figure out what to watch on TV – but we’re here to help with our second part of the best movies for engineers (for everyone who wants to spend even more time on the couch checkout the first part here). 10. Flight of the Phoenix 1965 After a plane crash in the Sahara desert the survivors only chance to survive is to build a new plane out of parts of the wreckedRead More
Making. This is what will accelerate the number of new IoT applications in the 21st century. Makers, students and engineers who take the technology and create things. Everyone who sees technology as something that should enable people to lead better, more sustainable and healthier lives probably agrees that we need to grant everyone who has a good idea access to those technologies and education. The ST Nucleo boards – a perfect fit for makers So how can we be part of it? Together with STMicroelectronics we found a way toRead More
Three years ago cycling got a well-deserved safety update. On 27 November 2012 the UK-based startup Blaze launched the Kickstarter campaign for its “Laserlight” which is a powerful LED light combined with a direct-diode green laser that projects a symbol of a bike onto the road ahead and makes cyclists far more visible. The Blaze Laserlight in action at dusk (image: Blaze) The perfectly engineered bicycle light is a real lifesaver which minimises the risk for cyclists to be run over by turning vehicles. Now, three years after the firstRead More

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[Infographic] Startup vs. Corporation

Our friends from StartupCVs took the effort to compare life in startups to the career in a larger corporation. While some points might be exaggerating it is true that there are significant differences. However there are advantages on both sides. The infographic below can not only be used to find out which career path is yours but also to learn how some of the benefits and structures of the small teams in startups could be translated to big businesses. After all faster innovation and adaptable teams could add value to every company, couldn’t they?Read More

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How To Secure Your Private IoT Environment

We all read the news about hacked baby monitors, cars or home networks. We all agree that we don’t want strangers to scream at our kids, to get access to the brakes of our vehicles or to our sensitive data on our network drives. Most of us still don’t worry too much about cyber security as nothing comparable ever happened to us.  However with an increasing number of devices and personal data connected to and stored in the cloud it would be important to have as much control over theRead More
Landing a job at a start-up is not easy. It is at least as hard as getting a job in a big company. However the procedure when applying and during job interviews is quite different. Even if you are not seeking a new position, learning about these differences can teach you a lot on how to do business with and market products to start-ups. To put it in a nutshell: You should really take a couple minutes and checkout the great infographic from StartupCVs below!Read More
Got a great idea for an IoT start-up? Then this one is for you! Le Connected Camp an IoT and industry start-up accelerator is looking for new start-ups for its 9 months program. Why are we so excited about this? Well, because choosing the perfect accelerator camp is like booking a vacation camp ground. You want to be as close as possible to the main attractions, surround yourself with people which help to make your stay even better and all of this with a reasonable price tag. To start with: TheRead More
The EBV Wolpertinger Awards 2015 took place yesterday. During the award show which honoured the best and most successful marketing and communications actions in cooperation with our suppliers we announced a special highlight: EBV’s IoT campaign which will support our customers in designing successful applications for a  “Smart, Secure, Connected – Everywhere”! The IoT push was announced with the stunning visual of a young woman embedded in an exciting background picture. The EBV IoT visual – stay tuned for the final image which will be released in the next days! DuringRead More