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The Schleicher Incubator Zoom Zone Labs – or short: “sizzl” – is a new initiative of the Schleicher Electronic Berlin GmbH targeting start-ups and young creative thinkers.  Schleicher originally provides tailored electronic solutions to customers. In order to support the young and innovative start-up scene in Berlin the company created sizzl. A lot of small companies have promising ideas and concepts but lack the technical know-how and access to components to successfully realise them. That’s where sizzl wants to step in and support the start-ups with comprehensive experience in development, designRead More
Business trips can be a real pain – exhibitions like the embedded World can get really stressful and frustrating. With tons of meetings you have the constant feeling of running behind and completely forget to enjoy the great flair and amazing demos at the show. We listed 13 useful tech gadgets that will make you more efficient, productive and help you to take a breath and just enjoy the show! Trakdot You check in for your flight, enjoy a quick nap and – oh no! your Luggage is gone! Trakdot is aRead More
After hitchhiking 3.700 miles through Canada last year, our favourite robot of 2014 returned for a new adventure. This time the friendly metal traveller is headed for Germany’s autobahns. HitchBOT relies entirely on the kindness of strangers in his 10 day adventure through the country.   The small robot is outfitted with a rubber hitchhiking hand, speech recognition software, and even its own Wi-Fi network that it uses to offer regionally-specific tidbits of information that it picks up along the way. This allows it to engage in conversation, send tweets andRead More
Let’s check out the best and most promising tech ideas on Indiegogo of the last days. Here are our top 7 picks you might consider to back this week. Nano Drone Learn to fly with the world’s smallest drone, coming with 6-axis stabilisation and a remote control. The Indiegogo campaign launched February 4 and already reached the $15,246 funding goal. Electricmood This foldable electric scooter weighs only 10 kg thanks to new direct drive brushless engine system. Indiegogo goal: $50.000 Coolest Clock This “cool” multi-purpose device beams a variety of information, includingRead More
This is really off topic, but we feel very strong about this post. For a big company it is an easy-to-bear burden to spend some money and man power for charity. However making a positive, sustainable impact on the lives of the children in a small village is not easy as this needs a lot of planning, local-knowledge, devotion and above all a big and strong heart. Over the past three years we have been able to support and follow the work of  Marianne Doetzer, who dedicated her life to help children andRead More
Avnet Inc. has released its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report sharing the company’s vision for social stewardship and sustainability, and reporting on efforts in the following areas: Avnet in the supply chain, environmental impact, people and culture and community involvement. The company, which was recognised by the Ethisphere Institute, an independent center of research promoting best practices in corporate ethics and governance, as a 2014 World’s Most Ethical Company®, generated a revenue of $27.5 billion in FY14 and currently employs over 18.000 people in in more than 400 offices globally. Avnet Vision We aspireRead More
Horoscope? What? I am an engineer, not a fool! No worries, this is as far from a common horoscope as the distance between Neptune and Uranus when they are on opposite sides of the sun (approximately 4500 million miles – but you knew that you’re an engineer after all!). Choose the engineering category below which fits you and be stunned how precisely we can predict your future for 2015!  Your Future – Now! The Engineer Horoscope 2015 Share, download and repost this infographic if you like our predictions!Read More

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What a great year comes to an end! We are certainly excited about many things that happened this year. We will follow up with a look-back on the year very soon. Also we are very thankful for the great feedback we got regarding our Blog, Live Wall, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn initiatives. Anything we should add? Use the comments below or the contact form. Please understand that there might be a little less content during the upcoming holidays as most of our employees will spend their time with family andRead More

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The 20 best Apps for Engineers 2014

As our smartphones evolve and feature more and more sensors paired with increasing processing capabilities the apps make huge steps forward as well. In 2014 we saw many new and cool software pieces – Apple recently presented its list of top apps in the year 2014 (see the list on Mashable here). We created our own list with helpful tools for engineers, cool apps to stay organised and some really fun and scientific games. Read here and click the thumbnails to view the apps in the iTunes App Store. iCircuit iCircuitRead More
The best about a semiconductor is what you can build with it! Here are some of the coolest tech-gadgets of this year which you may consider for your Christmas wish-list!  OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker   image: OM/ONE The OM/ONE is the world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker. There are many small speakers out there already but the OM/ONE is undoubtedly the most stylish one. The actual sound comes from the “Speaker Orb” which is a levitating ball with built-in microphone. The “OM/ONE Base” is a magnetic station that levitates the Speaker Orb plus USBRead More