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 IMAGE: MASHABLE VIA MAXIMILIEN BRICE, CERN MAXIMILIEN BRICE, CERN VIA NASA Geneva (AP) Scientists at the world’s largest atom smasher on the outskirts of Geneva say they have discovered two new subatomic particles that could widen our understanding of the universe.  An experiment using the Large Hadron Collider (see cover photo) at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) found the new particles, which were predicted to exist, and are both baryons made from three quarks (elementary particles) bound together by a strong force. In a statement on Wednesday, CERNRead More
The band “Brunettes Shoot Blondes” tells a heartwarming love story about a rabbit using multiple screens from different Apple devices. The clip is an incredible combination of live action camera and animation, perfectly timed and synchronized between a multiple number of iPhones, iPods, MacBooks and iPads with different screen sizes. We asked Andrew Kovalov (on the left in the picture), the front-man of the band who came up with the idea 3 questions about the song and video. This video is a great idea, how did you come up withRead More