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Glen Albert Larson must have been ahead of his time when he had the idea for his world famous television series “Knight Rider” in the early 1980s. A lot of men’s hearts probably still beat faster when they remember the times when the black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am together with his partner Michael Knight KITT chased criminals. KITTs instrumentation in the interior flashing in red, yellow and green colours and its “voice modulator” will remain unforgettable for everyone who watched the series on TV. However, at that time hardly anyoneRead More
Automotive lighting is probably the oldest electricity powered application found on nearly any car. The job of the lights is to illuminate the road and signal other drivers that there is a car in front of them or braking. Wrong. New technologies have enabled lighting applications to perform new tasks and do a lot more than just emit light – in the automotive segment this equals tons of new opportunities to build innovative lighting solutions for front lighting, rear lighting, side lighting and interior lighting. Looking at the most common lightingRead More
BMW i8 Key
With the connected car we not just open up new possibilities for the owners but also for hackers and thieves. Car hack’s like the one of a Jeep or BMW’s connected drive have proofed that modern vehicles often lag appropriate security technology. Among the main vulnerabilities are smartphones which are commonly used to access the car, start it remotely or locate it via apps. In order to add additional security and prevent hacker attacks the implementation of crypto hardware into the system would be an effective solution. The software developmentRead More
EV Race track
Editor’s note: Um die deutsche Version dieses Artikels zu lesen klicken Sie hier. Autonomous driving is coming. However since the big hype generated by prototypes of self-driving cars during the CES 2015 in Las Vegas we haven’t really seen any satisfying cars which don’t need the driver’s attention while cruising along. Sure Google’s cute little vehicles drive around in the Silicon Valley but they didn’t stay accident free even with top speeds limited to only 40 km/h. Tesla introduced an auto-pilot feature with the software update 7.0 for the ModelRead More
EV Race track
Editor’s note: To read the English version of this article click here. Autonomes Fahren kommt. Tatsächlich haben wir seit dem Hype welchen selbstfahrende Autos auf der CES im Januar 2015 kreiert haben allerdings nur wenig wirklich befriedigende Fahrzeuge gesehen. Google lässt seine drolligen Autos zwar schon fahrerlos durch das Silicon Valley fahren, jedoch sind trotz wenig rasanter 40km/h Höchstgeschwindigkeit bereits kleine Unfälle vorgekommen. Tesla hat mit dem Software-Update 7.0 seine intelligente Cruise Control erweitert und dem Model S die Fähigkeit auf Highways selbst zu lenken beigebracht. Beeindruckend, aber nur empfehlenswert fürRead More
Smart Parking Assistant
If you are a driver you’ve certainly been faced with situations like this already, when you had an appointment downtown, running a bit late already, and you couldn’t find a parking lot. You can literally feel your blood pressure rise. The first drops of sweat run down from your forehead. After quite a while you finally found a space where you could squeeze your car, paid a ticket and made it only a few minutes late to your appointment. But the meeting took longer than expected. Back to your carRead More
EyeLights Moto Display
Using your smartphone or a navigation system on a motorcycle can be highly dangerous even if it is mounted to your handlebar. How to reduce the risk of accidents caused by motorbike riders taking their eyes of the road? The startup EyeLights found an answer: head-up-displays for helmets. Romain Duflot (CEO) and Thomas De Saintignon (CTO) developed the first prototypes of their smart helmet add-on during their graduation year at the French Icam, School of Engineering in Toulouse in 2015. Using retina display technology along with bluetooth in a smallRead More
Cars Tokio Highway
Self-driving cars have been a vision and dream for decades and at some point over the last years we all recognised that we have reached a point of technological advancement that makes autonomous driving possible. However there is a huge BUT. Not only is it one of the most complex tasks to integrate sensor-based and highly rational technology into the emotional and imperfect traffic world of human drivers it’s also a heavy challenge to find solutions for legal, social, economical and ergonomic conflicts. In order to get a clear pictureRead More
Every year the Geneva International Motor Show fascinates Thousands of car enthusiasts and technology fans. But the show is also a good indicator where the journey of the automotive industry is heading to. Established car manufacturers showcase their latest innovations and trends. And what would be the show with all the exotics? We want to highlight some companies which exhibited outstanding products in terms of electro mobility, revolutionary technology and visionary trends. These days, the German premium car manufacturer BMW is not only because of its 100th anniversary on everyone’sRead More

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NAIAS 2016 – All Eyes On Detroit

It’s been only a couple of hours since the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas finished. High-tech companies showcased their latest innovations and ideas as well as indicate trends for the technology of tomorrow. The flood of impressions are hardly processed, when the next big event is just around the corner – NAIAS 2016. Detroit leaves nothing to be desired Car enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) starting today in Detroit, Michigan. As the first of five automotive trade fairs this year, theRead More