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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas is well underway and the world is talking about all those innovations, technologies and gadgets that are supposed to improve our everyday lives. TVs bigger and with higher resolution than ever seen before, technology that makes your home more secure and more smart, innovations for the healthcare sector, virtual reality devices for better gaming experience, wearables that are useful in sports, and so on and so forth. EBV Suppliers Showcase Their Products and Applications One day after the internationally renowned electronicsRead More
Sometimes just talking about a cool device or gadget doesn’t cut it. Here are 10 companies with groundbreaking ideas and passionate teams with the potential to change our future! Bare Conductive The team of designers from Bare Conductive created one of the most versatile and cool maker kits ever, based on the “Touch Board” and “Electric Paint”. With the tools from Bare Conductive you can draw electric circuits on almost any surface in order to add cool functionality. The non-toxic conductive ink has also fans among some high-tech companies whoRead More
Let’s summarise the Automotive Segment year in one word: impossible! You simply need more than one word to describe everything that has happened. Let’s take a little journey through this year’s milestones and highlights chronologically. The year kicked off early with a big announcement from Altera stating that their SoC field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) have been selected for use in Audi’s advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) targeted for mass production. Audi together with TTTech developed the central driver assistance control unit zFAS using the Altera® Cyclone® V SoC FPGA enablingRead More
Being successful means having created something of value in the past. Staying successful requires to identify the trends of tomorrow and start to develop for them today. This is the only way to be innovative and to maximise profit in the future. With this idea in mind EBV created the concept for the TQ on Tour event series which will take place in September and October this year in Germany for the first time. The events are inspired by the TQ – EBV’s free knowledge magazine – which explains the mostRead More
What is better than a driver assistant? Millions of driver assistants! Crowd-sourced traffic and road data is something fantastic. One thing missing so far from the idea to collect information from multiple cars on the road is better, ergonomic usability of the data. There are several smartphone apps that collect data from a number of users – but besides the battery drainage that all of them have in common you should not use your smartphone while driving. Never. No. Stop it. Period! Good thing there are alternatives to get real-time, crowd-sourcedRead More
This article by Majeed Ahmad originally appeared on Atmel | Bits & Pieces Large SoCs without an Ethernet interface typically have slow start-up times and high-power requirements — until now.  Atmel, a lead partner for the ARM Cortex-M7 processor launch in October 2014, has unveiledthree new M7-based microcontrollers with a unique memory architecture and advanced connectivity features for the connected car market. According to a company spokesman, E70, V71 and V70 chips are the industry’s highest performing Cortex-M microcontrollers with six-stage dual-issue pipeline delivering 1500 CoreMarks at 300MHz. Moreover, V70 and V71 microcontrollers areRead More
The Gas Show 15 in Warsaw, Poland last week on March 5-6 is Europe’s leading fair for LPG-CNG-LNG and auto gas technology. During the event all leading Polish and European producers and distributors of car LPG, CNG and LNG installations, dealers offering new cars with built in gas systems, designers and suppliers of auto gas fueling stations equipment, companies dealing in storing and transporting LPG, producers and distributors of fittings, devices and appliances for LPG, LNG and CNG – valves, regulators, cookers and other accessories, producers of containers, tanks and cisterns – wereRead More
It has been the year of the car at CES last week as more and more automakers and traditional tech companies mix up mobility and  connectivity and autonomous and semi-autonomous cars behind every corner. In return the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit is flooded with electronics in form of 3D printed cars and electrical vehicles. There is another connection between the two events: a moustache which belongs to Dr. Dieter Zetsche, the Chairman of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. 3D printed cars showcased in Detroit 3DRead More