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Posted On January 16, 2017By Christian JakobIn Consumer, Events, Healthcare

Electronic Trends In 2017 – A Wrap-Up of CES

Las Vegas has set the perfect frame for this buzzing event. Consistent with its liveliness and craziness of the city, CES® comes up with the latest trends and innovations in the consumer electronics market every year. The 50th anniversary of CES® was bursting at all seams. More than 175.000 visitors flocked to the Nevada desert city to see the exhibits of the 3.800 exhibitors. Even if the big blast failed to appear, there was plenty trends and innovations to discover at this year’s show. Top-notch technology topics such as smartRead More
eCozy smart thermostat
Smart home adoption is rather crawling instead of running towards our homes. The main reason: user experience and security issues. However there is a third important factor – the old technology already installed in our homes and well proven but “un-connectable” to the internet. One of the best examples are the heating systems in most European homes. A huge number of houses and apartments use water radiators mounted to the wall and controlled with a simple nob that you turn in order to adjust the temperature. The good news aboutRead More
Smartphone Sensors
The process of the digitalisation of our environment and the connection of nearly everything to the Internet creates tons of new possibilities. Possibilities which need intelligent user interfaces and control. Buttons tend to vanish and are often replaced by touch screens and gesture control. The Need For Sensors Those modern control interfaces and displays need sensors in order to adapt to their surroundings. There are two main parameters which need to be observed. The first is the proximity to other objects in order to switch the display on and offRead More
colorful world of wearables
Wearable technology is booming. Not many other high-tech segments have polarised more over the last years. Electronic devices worn on or even inside the body have long outgrown their image as part of the IoT and manifested themselves as own segment. Companies like FitBit and Withings have managed to establish themselves as successful players in the market in just a few years. Regarding activity trackers they are eye-to-eye with huge enterprises like Nike and Adidas that struggle to keep pace with the small and innovative fitness device manufacturers born asRead More

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A Recap on the Second Lighting Academy

No matter if you are a fan of lighting installations or a professional expert, Frankfurt am Main in Germany was the place to be last week for everybody who is into lighting. Three events took place at the same time, the Luminale, Light + Building trade fair and the EBV Lighting Academy. The latter took place for the second time and again gathered speakers from around the world. In case you couldn’t make it to join the event, here is what you missed. The agenda of the two day wasRead More
Unu Scooter City
If you live in a big city why would you not have an electric scooter? Probably because the most models, especially those of bigger carmakers, look like a futuristic skateboard or because they cost as much as a small car. Thanks but no thanks.  That’s most likely what the young entrepreneurs from unu motors thought when they started to develop their own vision of an electric scooter. Instead of designing a grounded spacecraft they engineered a beautiful scooter with the appealing curves and outlines of legendary rides like the Vespa. Read More
Athletes know the value of precise training data and analytics. Everything like pulse, speed, movement and other metrics can make a difference. In competitive sports advanced measurements of vital body signs and tracking of activity have been performed for years. With the IoT and shrinking sizes of chips as well as decreasing prices for electronic components sports and activity monitoring has become available to “common” people who want to keep up with their state of health in form of wearables, fitness trackers and smartwatches. However choosing a smartwatch isn’t easyRead More
Hero Bike mit Relo Antrieb
Lots of companies have something like a “green” week or month in which people are encouraged to use their bike in order to get to work instead of their car. We do something like this at EBV and it’s great. However there are those days when you have an early meeting and don’t want to arrive at work completely exhausted after a bike ride. Skipping the good intentions and taking the car is the only alternative… or is it? The high-tech startup Relo is about to change the way youRead More
Frankfurt on the Main: View of the city as seen from the Deutschherrnbruecke (Teutonic Knights Bridge) at dusk
The hottest and brightest trade fair for lighting and building automation will take place just one month from now and all architects, interior architects, designers, planners, engineers, artisans and more should mark the days March 13-18 in their calendars. The biyearly Light + Building (L+B) trade fair will focus on system solutions and designs enhancing the quality of life with the motto being ‘digital – individual – networked’ this year. In other words this means to get comfortable through intelligent interconnected smart home and building systems and just as itRead More
Are you an engineer? Then you probably will remember the incredible cool stuff you created with Lego® Technic, the crystals you grew with a Kosmos kit and the complex ball obstacle courses you designed with Fischertechnik. Now, a couple decades later (yep, we’re getting old) we have been curious how kids and millennials play with technology. To find out we visited the toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany last week. Spoiler: The young generation is building way more amazing stuff than we did when tinkering together our FM radio kits. TheRead More