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Wearable technology is more than a trend within the IoT. Sensors which are attached to the human body can deliver important information and data on movement, vital signs as well as emotions. Shimmer, an expert in sensing technology, is driven by the goal to support companies that are working on an idea for a wearable and to simplify the design process. The success of electronics worn on the body depends on three key areas. First of all the functionality has to deliver benefits and create real value for the customer. SecondlyRead More
Beast is not just another activity tracker. The smart sensor is specifically designed to support and enhance fitness and is able to monitor nearly every exercise in order to help you to build force and muscles. Beast sensor (picture: Beast) The small device measuring 20x15x45 mm and weighing only 40 grams can keep track of up to 50 repetitions per second. Beast provides information about the strength, the speed, the power and the explosiveness of each single rep. The wearable which was developed in Milan, Italy is equipped with a magnet which allows you to attachRead More

Posted On April 17, 2015By Kai SchmidtIn Consumer, Healthcare, Wearables

HipHope is an Airbag for Your Hips!

HipHope is a new healthcare wearable invented to prevent hip injuries and fractures resulting from falling.The medical device targets especially senior people over 65 years old. Hip fractures deliver sad statistics every year. 50% of elderly victims of fall-realted hip injuries do not regain their previous mobility, 30% die within the next 12 months due to their deteriorated health condition. Looking at the economical impact, hip fractures are causing a multi-billion dollar burden. “Hip fractures are a leading cause of morbidity and death in the elderly. They constitute an unsolved burdenRead More
Wearables are a thing. The Apple Watch is hitting the market, Pebble collects millions on Kickstarter and health insurances are rewarding people when wearing a fitness tracker. Especially activity trackers and health monitors are widely adopted already, measuring vital body functions. So what’s not to love? Most products have to be worn on the wrist which is convenient but compromises on the accuracy of ECG or in other words heart rate measurement. A chest strap solves this problem but is looking weird and often not very comfortable to wear especiallyRead More

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Kraftwerk is a Pocket Sized Power Plant

Kraftwerk is the first mobile fuel cell that fits in your pocket and runs on common lighter gas. This sounds not completely new, as for example Toshiba and Sony have developed similar applications for mobile devices in the past. Kraftwerk invented by the eZelleron GmbH, a start-up company based in Dresden, Germany, uses a different fuel cell technology which could be crucial for the success of the gadget. In general we speak of two different kinds of fuel cells: PEMFC (proton exchange membrane fuel cells) and SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell). The first ones can be operatedRead More
The Norwegian company sfty is building an unique, innovative IoT-based security network using hardware, apps, Electric Imp modules and social networking in order to make your life saver and more convenient. You can spend a lot of money on a burglar alarm and then pay monthly for the security assistance standby. In case someone breaks into your home the alarm will notify the security company and you will get immediate assistance… after a couple minutes or longer or maybe when it is too late. A major problem might be the density ofRead More
The GIROPTIC 360cam is one of the best action cameras we have seen so far. The unbelievable versatile 360 degree camera was further one of the most successful crowd-funding projects on Kickstarter. We talked to the founder of the original startup GIROPTIC and inventor of the amazing 360cam Richard Ollier. EBV: The Kickstarter campaign for the 360cam reached nearly 10 times of its original goal – how do you explain this success? Kickstarter was a product launch for us. Success in hardware is often getting the right product at the right timeRead More
The Skywatch Windoo is a tiny and powerful accessory for your Android or iOS smartphone. The device is packed with sensors transforming your phone into a weather station. image: Windoo Windoo plugs into the headphone jack of your phone or tablet and delivers information about wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and pressure. The small round pin uses MSP430G2 technology from Texas Instruments and a flexible circuit board which is wrapped up in the tubular housing. It is equipped with a a multi-directional propeller and magnetic transmission to measure  wind speed and sensors for temperature,Read More
The french startup ePawn is developing NFC and RFID enabled board games which allow real-time tracking of objects including a tag on a surface. With this technology the company wants to bring back the simple thrill of touch feeling and bridge the real and virtual world to provide a unique user experience. image: ePawn Compatible with off-the-shelf NFC front-end readers and with standard microcontrollers, ePawn architecture and firmware is capable to track the position of several NFC tags simultaneously, in real time and on large surfaces. The technology, refreshing at up toRead More
Editor’s note: Zano has announced bankruptcy. The project seemed promising and made us all hope Torquing Group could achieve what they promised to their backers on Kickstarter. We hope this unfortunate development does not affect your love for technology and that you will continue to enjoy the ideas of crowdfunding campaigns. Many of us may have heard about Zano, the “Selfie-Drone”. The device was developed by the UK-based Torquing Group, reached its crowd funding goal of  £125,000 in just 3 days and then went literally through the roof finishing at £2,335,119.Read More