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Will it blend? During Microsoft’s Windows 10 event a new hardware piece was stealing the new OS the show: the HoloLens. The headset is what you would expect from blending Occulus Rift and Google Glasses! The futuristic device combines virtual reality glasses, augmented reality and live video in one sleek package. image: Microsoft The HoloLens creates high-definition holograms in the physical space around you and enables you to interact with them using your hands. The demonstrations Microsoft has shown during the event yesterday have been truly ground-braking as the HoloLens offers you completely new possibilities on howRead More
Training your biceps is easy, training your brain is something else. At CES Las Vegas last week we met two companies that claim, that they are able to read your brain waves using a headset and to translate the sensed data into usable information in order to train your brain to cope with stress and to concentrate better. Melo Mind Melo Mind, a futuristic looking wearable from French start-up myBrain, is placed on your head to read the electroencephalography (EEG) data of your brain. To exercise you will have toRead More
Surround sound was yesterday – it’s time for surround view! Giroptic presented the 360cam at the CES with videos soon uploadable and shareable via YouTube. What could be cooler than that? Displaying the videos on a spherical screen! Watch the video below which we captured at the CES in Las Vegas yesterday – purely awesome!   Giroptic, a french based start-up which raised $1.4 million on Kickstarter has created the most flexible, small and complete 360 degree camera we have seen so far. The device is able to capture stunning surround view pictures with 4kRead More
You are among the fortunate people living on a pacific island enjoying great weather the whole year? You can stop reading here – to all others: the following holds great news for you! Activetainment, a company founded in 2012 by Ziad Badarneh, based in Oslo, Norway, developed “an entirely new solution for exercise – the Social, Dynamic and Interactive exercise concept ebove™.” The company, currently aiming to establish itself in the Bay Area, has the mission to make indoor sports and fitness as much fun as outdoor sports. The innovative exercise equipmentRead More
We found another little jewel at the huge CES 2015! The “danalock” which is designed by Poly-Control looks gorgeous and comes with great features and connectivity. The danish company offers not just one of the smartes but also cheapest solutions which are available so far. This is particular interesting taking into account that the smart lock market size is predicted to grow form 1.15 million units 2014 to 29.55 million units in 2020, resulting in CAGR revenue of more than 30% (according to a marketsandmarkets analysis). Advantage through Bluetooth Smart &Read More
If you have ever gotten the chance to play a game with the Oculus Rift you know what we are talking about: complete immersion into games! Racing games get so real that you move around with your whole body as the virtual reality (VR) glasses soak you into another world. Strolling a long CES 2015 we discovered something exceptional! At their booth the young company showed their deep understanding of their target group: They move their bodies? Let’s support them. Gaming-freedom redefined! Watch the video below how.   The gamerRead More