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Have you ever driven your car with your eyes shut? Probably not. In order to perform certain tasks we heavily rely on our vision. We see, analyse, understand and decide based on the data our eyes deliver. In a time in which we want to design applications which can help us to simplify our life and make tasks like driving our cars easier we have to think about how to enable electronic devices to see. A blind self-driving car would be scary, right? Image processing technology and machine vision enableRead More

Posted On September 1, 2015By EBV TeamIn Events, FPGA, Technology

4 Reasons Why You Should Attend The ASDF!

There are tons of events in our industry which want you to attend and try to capture you with everything from free development kits to knowledge “you won’t get anywhere else”. With tight schedules and every information already uploaded to the internet it can be hard to choose an event or to justify why you should take the effort and travel to a venue. We can certainly feel you. However there are some happenings which are real game changers – here is one of them: The Altera SoC Developers Forum (ASDF),Read More