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The Internet of Things (IoT) was at the peak of Gartner’s Hype Cycle 2014 – just a couple months later it feels like it has fully arrived. More and more devices and applications get connected via Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and other technologies in order to enhance functionality and usability. Gartner’s Hype Cycle 2014 (image: Gartner) Every new connection is a possible entry point for hackers and has to be secured in some way. Many companies face the challenge of choosing and implementing the adequate security technology for their products and therefore we have collectedRead More
Just a couple weeks ago BMW made headlines when a security research group of the German automobile club ADAC discovered a major security gap in the ConnectedDrive feature. The optional system builds your favourite apps and services into the dashboard of your vehicle and offers additional features like social media integration, Google information for navigation and remote control enabling you to unlock/lock your car or to switch on heating/AC in the vehicle. Facebook App in the BMW ConnectedDrive (image: BMW) The researchers from ADAC reportedly created a fake mobile phone network and tricked nearby cars toRead More

Posted On April 15, 2015By Christian KrieberIn Business Intelligence, Identification, Security Blog

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By the end of last year complex spying malware arrived via an USB stick to the work computer of the unit head in the Department for European Policy, where virus-scanning software picked it up. How could this happen? After all, comprehensive security technology should have prevented such an event. Later it turned out that a staff member who works in close contact with German Chancellor Angela Merkel used a private USB stick and a private computer to work on a speech, which made it easy for the malware to accessRead More
We found another little jewel at the huge CES 2015! The “danalock” which is designed by Poly-Control looks gorgeous and comes with great features and connectivity. The danish company offers not just one of the smartes but also cheapest solutions which are available so far. This is particular interesting taking into account that the smart lock market size is predicted to grow form 1.15 million units 2014 to 29.55 million units in 2020, resulting in CAGR revenue of more than 30% (according to a marketsandmarkets analysis). Advantage through Bluetooth Smart &Read More
Near Field Communication (NFC) enables devices such as smartphones to communicate with each other by touching them. The technology is hot these days especially if we look at the Internet of Things (IoT). NFC is fast, seamless and secure as the devices have to be very close together to communicate making it nearly impossible to hack the connection without physical presence. The trending technology is already used in many ways as the NFC tags (NFC chip which holds information, energy mostly through energy harvesting) are really tiny in size and canRead More