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Once or twice a year you find those letters in your mailbox from your electricity suppliers. They give you notice of someone from the company is about to come by to read the counter status of your power meter. One more time you are annoyed of being forced to take an extra vacation day for this event. But there’s no choice, someone needs to be at home. But there’s good news! This might change soon. If you have a look at your electricity meter, you might wonder if you reallyRead More
Last month the African Utility Week took place in Cape Town and gathered a record 6445 attendees from 17-19 May. The conference and exhibition is targeting the same industries as its sister event, the European Utility Week but African utility and renewable energy companies face different and unique challenges. The solution to most of those challenges however is the same as to Europe’s: technology. According to Evan Schiff, event director of the African Utility Week conference and exhibition, technology, water and renewable energy were strong themes this year. He furtherRead More
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What do we need to make the smart grid the power network of the future that we dream of? We need better performance of renewable energy solutions, more efficient energy storage and higher individualisation of energy distribution. The first two can only be achieved through new technologies and better hardware, software as well as analytics. The last one can be pushed forward with another solution: through personal energy. The most common technology which allows single households to produce their own energy are solar panels. However solar energy requires sun raysRead More
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As we implement more and more IoT technology into different aspects of our lives we should be aware of sensitive data and ensure that we further equip applications with the right level of security precautions. Within fields like smart grid and smart metering manipulations can result in high economic losses or even shut down power supply for a whole region. Therefor security is of high priority within electronic metering and grid applications. If you google for scholar articles about security incidents and vulnerabilities within smart grid and smart metering applicationsRead More
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Electric vehicles (EV), smart cities, smart grid and smart factories – looking at the future it seems everything gets smarter and more environmentally friendly thanks to the intelligent application of electricity. However with increasing demand for electric power we will face significant challenges as it will be difficult to satisfy our needs with renewable energies. There are many factors influencing the efficiency of electricity supply from power plant to our end devices and applications. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), estimates that some 6 percent of electricity generated in theRead More
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If you live in a big city why would you not have an electric scooter? Probably because the most models, especially those of bigger carmakers, look like a futuristic skateboard or because they cost as much as a small car. Thanks but no thanks.  That’s most likely what the young entrepreneurs from unu motors thought when they started to develop their own vision of an electric scooter. Instead of designing a grounded spacecraft they engineered a beautiful scooter with the appealing curves and outlines of legendary rides like the Vespa. Read More
Here is how you create a mesh: You start by creating small knots and make them work. In a second step you connect these knots to a bigger mesh. As soon as this bigger network works you connect it to others, similar networks to form an even bigger one. Repeat that and your mesh will grow. Translating this ideal process to smart grids would mean to start with smart, energy-efficient homes. As soon as all houses of a community are “smart” it is time to connect them and make themRead More
No, 2015 was not the year in which we discovered the IoT for metering. It was not the year we first saw smart grid applications. Standards for smart metering have also been around the years before. So why was 2015 so important for the renewable energies segment? Because we moved on from just having ideas and trying out new things to really make them work and prepare them for global deployment. In 2015 we achieved a lot which is relevant for a greener future. As I am writing these linesRead More
The European Utility Week 2015 (EUW 2015) in Vienna, Austria delivered big time. While at last year’s event in Amsterdam, Netherlands it seemed like many companies still needed to catch up with the new possibilities created by IoT and smart metering/grid technology this year the participants were striving to innovate together based on the new opportunities. The last couple years we came a long way from the very first wireless smart meters over creating standards for connected renewable energy applications to taking a look at the bigger picture including powerRead More
Climate change is a thing! Last week U.S. president Obama called the impact of the climate change on the arctic “really scary”. Just three months ago the G7 leaders of the world’s major industrial democracies agreed to phase out fossil fuel by the end of the century to fight negative environmental effects. The message seems clear: If we want to leave our children and future generations a sustainable planet we must act now. Renewable energy technology is one of the most obvious answers to the question how to reverse theRead More