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Let’s take the key message of this post and put it on top: Dracula Technologies develops some unbelievably cool, innovative and exciting stuff that’s even cooler than the company’s name! Dracula Technologies, a French start-up is a research and development team specialised in the production of organic photovoltaic energy. What that means in plain English: The company can print different layers that compose a solar panel. With this technology it is possible to produce any kind of flexible shapes that harvest energy from the sun. The amazing solution consists of a negative electrodeRead More
We want to go green, we want to take control of our expenses and we want to do it with minimal effort. For energy, gas and water in our homes this means employing smart meters. However before it is possible to unlock all possibilities of smart metering and intelligent gas, heat, water and energy distribution on a bigger scale it is vitally important to craft a capable metering standard. The OMS Group, a community of interest of associations, therefore developed the open metering system (OMS) specification which is an open, vendorRead More
The Gas Show 15 in Warsaw, Poland last week on March 5-6 is Europe’s leading fair for LPG-CNG-LNG and auto gas technology. During the event all leading Polish and European producers and distributors of car LPG, CNG and LNG installations, dealers offering new cars with built in gas systems, designers and suppliers of auto gas fueling stations equipment, companies dealing in storing and transporting LPG, producers and distributors of fittings, devices and appliances for LPG, LNG and CNG – valves, regulators, cookers and other accessories, producers of containers, tanks and cisterns – wereRead More
The new EBVchip Maia, which was revealed to the press during the second day of the embedded World 2015 last week has been launched. The wireless sub-GHz module features a proven M-Bus and OMS stack. The RF-module comes in a compact size with just 15 mm x 14 mm for SMD mounting and is completely shielded. In combination with 1.8 – 3.8 V supply voltage, ultra low power modes, conformity to EU R&TTE directive and equipped with wireless M-Bus EN13757-4:2013 and OMS stack with application examples for several kind of meters Maia isRead More
Mix up a good idea with swiss precision and what will you get? The smartest power plug you’ll find! Smart-Me is an energy and power meter, a remote switch, a time switch and a temperature meter all in one compact device.  The device, developed by the two swiss David Eberli and Noldy Eberli is a class 1 energy and power meter which is capable of measuring power, energy, current voltage and power factor with an accuracy of astonishing 99%. Smart-Me is also WiFi enabled, letting you read all the information on yourRead More