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Power management plays an essential role in designs for industrial and automation applications. Regulating power is also crucial in robotics and emerging technologies such as drones. When stepping down voltages from input to output supplies in these applications — while stepping up current — buck regulators come into play. These days, it’s becoming more and more important for designers to handle energy resources consciously. As a result, the efficiency of power management components is increasingly important for manufacturers of such modules. Vishay, a supplier of an unmatched collection of semiconductorRead More
Size does matter! In contradiction to other areas for electronics the rule usually means the smaller the better. However laws of physics often restrict us from saving space and shrinking parts. This has been the case for power conversion for several years. Texas Instruments now developed a new buck converter based on the innovative capacitive conversion topology which enables engineers to shrink the size of on-board electronic power supplies by up to 80%. As power conversion often takes up a significant area of the board space this is a remarkableRead More