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ON Semiconductor IoT Development Kit
Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) for quite a while now and for many people it is nothing special anymore, whereas others have only a sketchy picture as to what it is and its complexity. Terms like Smart Home, Autonomous Driving or Industry 4.0, most have heard of already. Though, the fact remains that we are still in the middle of this technology evolution, and this becomes more obvious when one looks at the numbers being mentioned. It is said that around 50 billion devices will beRead More
Ultrahaptics development kit
Science fiction film directors like Steven Spielberg often seem to have a sixth sense for future technologies. In his movie “Minority Report”, cinemagoers were fascinated seeing Chief John Anderton when he used gesture control in the Precrime department of the Washington Police identifying criminals. About 15 years later the technology finally arrived in the real world. There are different approaches that realize gesture control nowadays, users of such systmes are able to interact with and control devices without physically touching them. Many approaches use cameras and computer vision algorithms toRead More
Making. This is what will accelerate the number of new IoT applications in the 21st century. Makers, students and engineers who take the technology and create things. Everyone who sees technology as something that should enable people to lead better, more sustainable and healthier lives probably agrees that we need to grant everyone who has a good idea access to those technologies and education. The ST Nucleo boards – a perfect fit for makers So how can we be part of it? Together with STMicroelectronics we found a way toRead More