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Guest blog from Giles Peckham Embedded vision can be split into two high level categories: systems that perceive the environment or systems that perceive the environment and take action. Vision guided robots and drones take action, needing to respond to situations by going from sensing to processing, analysing, deciding, communicating and controlling. At the moment, one of the hottest topics is the civil use of drones with applications across commercial, medical, agricultural, broadcast and law enforcement. For many of these applications, drones offer significant advantages, such as lower cost ofRead More
Amongst the flood of cool devices these 10 inventions really captured our attention this year. Check out the crazy and useful ideas below! Kraftwerk An external battery pack isn’t exactly what we would call exciting. A pocket-sized power plant based on fuel-cell technology however is! Kraftwerk uses a mini-SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell) and standard LPG gas to produce energy – enough to charge your smartphone more than 10 times with just one fill. Nuimo Nuimo from the Berlin-based startup Senic is by far the coolest smart home, IoT and remote controllerRead More
Aerial video footage has been something that we only saw in Hollywood movies until a couple of years ago. Maybe that is the reason why it does look so exciting. In 2010 commercial drones started to come to the shelves of stores. Not long after that the first creative minds strapped cameras to the small UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and filmed their own aerial videos. The new angle from high above delivered stunning pictures but to steer a drone and the camera simultaneously is something for real pros. Good thing thereRead More
It is this time of the year again… the time of electronics! The CES 2015 kicked of yesterday in Las Vegas and like the city it is the show of superlatives! More than 3600 exhibitors and over 150.000 attendees turn the “consumer electronics show” into a true spectacle around tomorrow’s leading technologies like health and biotech, fitness and sports, internet of things (IoT), lifestyle electronics, sensor technology, smart home innovations and tons of other ideas and new products from established companies to ground-breaking start-ups. (If you’re not excited yet, clickRead More