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Guest blog from René Hummen Since the early days of manual production, manufacturing successfully transitioned through three industrial revolutions, each leading to a significant increase in automation, productivity, and efficiency. Notably, all of these revolutions were coupled with the introduction of new technologies. Mass manufacturing, for example, would not have been possible without the introduction of water and steam power in the 18th century. Electric power and the invention of the assembly line further boosted volume production at the beginning of the 20th century. And approximately 45 years ago, electronicsRead More
Industry 4.0 OPC UA over TSN
As the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as Industry 4.0 are probably the most stressed topics of the last couple years we will skip the “there will be billions of connected devices…” part for this article. Smart factories and sophisticated automation require a complex combination of strategy, technology and flexibility addressing needs from the fieldbus level up to the enterprise level. The complexity and concerns regarding costs, future support, flexibility and maintenance prevent many companies from starting to implement new standards and technologies. However, with the marriage of theRead More
Since a couple of months we are running a campaign dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) together with our manufacturing partner Analog Devices (ADI). The objective of the campaign is to realize the best possible outcomes for customers and their IoT projects. We already introduced ADI’s solutions for smart building in an earlier article. The focus here will be on “Smart Factory”, which is becoming a more and more prominent matter in the society. What Matters In The Industrial Internet Of Things In our article about smart building securityRead More
As established in the first two blogs of this series (read part I here and part II here) the IoT will create a new business model in which consumers will demand highly individualised products. This will require a shift from producing high volumes at low prices to manufacturing individual goods as cost efficient as possible. Thus in the future Industry 4.0 strategies will need to help companies to optimise classic production, implement new flexible manufacturing models and tackle human resources and data security challenges. Industry 4.0 & Advanced Technologies –Read More
As established in the first part of this article the IoT will alter economic structures in a way that will require a completely new approach from manufacturers to the way they execute their business. At the same time industrial IoT technology in combination with robotics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence (AI) enable possible solutions to this challenge. In Europe and especially Germany the strategy which was developed in order to help companies to integrate new technologies and production processes is referred to as Industry 4.0. However there are similar programsRead More
Ever since the IoT topped Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies in 2014 we have discussed it from all angles and perspectives, envisioning wild numbers for revenues and connected devices and predicted incredible changes to our lives. At some point it seemed that we really believed that in less than two decades humans would morph into always-connected cyborgs. However the reality looks different. The IoT won’t change the desires of consumers but it will empower them to order what they want and how they want it. Therefore the impact onRead More
It is time to wake up! The European and especially the German high-tech industries are showing vital growth and the general outlook for the future is optimistic. However we need to wake up quickly as over the past years it seemed like we are singing ourselves a good night song about Industry 4.0 and the incredible opportunities and benefits it will bring to our production lines. It is nice to imagine what we could achieve with industrial IoT technology – but we did not really do much so far! CurrentlyRead More

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Industry 4.0 As Easy As Lego With The STM32 ODE

For engineering the 21st century has gone pretty well so far. From the rise of smartphones, over mobile internet and the IoT to renewable energy technology there have been many challenges and opportunities which have fuelled the need for inventions and new ideas. Newly born trends like the maker movement are not only producing a flood of creative applications but help the technology industries to get access to young professionals which are motivated to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Makers highly profit from modern development platforms which help themRead More
Right now we are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution. The introduction of the Internet along with sophisticated semiconductor technology and precise and affordable sensors paved the way for the IoT and big data which are fuelling a radical change often referred to as “Industry 4.0”. We reached a turning point and in order to stay successful we need to predict the future for industrial IoT (IIoT) applications as accurately as possible. Surprisingly when it comes to digitalisation we can learn a lot from the music industry which has already goneRead More
Fraunhofer’s Technology Network “it’s OWL” Will Give You An Industry 4.0 Boost Just recently we shared our vision on the incredible advantages of Industry 4.0, Smart Services and the impressive progress of Fraunhofer’s technology network it’s OWL together with Miele. Now there are even more good news! The technology network it’s OWL which has the goal to help small and mid-sized businesses to implement and optimise industrial IoT technology (or in other words Industry 4.0 technology) into their production processes faster is part of one of the German competence centresRead More