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Ever since the IoT topped Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies in 2014 we have discussed it from all angles and perspectives, envisioning wild numbers for revenues and connected devices and predicted incredible changes to our lives. At some point it seemed that we really believed that in less than two decades humans would morph into always-connected cyborgs. However the reality looks different. The IoT won’t change the desires of consumers but it will empower them to order what they want and how they want it. Therefore the impact onRead More
If you follow the articles here in our blog you might have noticed already that over and over again we are issuing a specific topic. No matter if we are talking about young start-up companies or industrial heavyweights, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the subject, which comes up again and again because it determines the business in many areas nowadays. Once being only a vision in science fiction movies or novels, the IoT has become reality and we cannot get away from it anymore. Connected technology has found itsRead More
Industry 4.0 is a hot topic whenever we talk about business opportunities and the future of production. However the matter is as complex as it is important. In order to create some structure and common ground around the “fourth industrial revolution” EBV released a comprehensive white paper titled “Industry 4.0 from EBV – Man AND Machine Solutions”. We’ll give you a quick overview on what to expect and why you will benefit from reading the document. A first and important conclusion which we can draw from our experience working with aRead More
Industry 4.0 Smart Factroy
The implementation of Industry 4.0 technology is vital for companies in order to stay competitive in the future. However for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) this task can be more than challenging. The introduction of connectivity features and automation technology into existing production lines, which is necessary for a successful transition into the next era of manufacturing requires huge investments and the acquisition of expertise in multiple disciplines. In order to start the transition into connected manufacturing it is crucial to investigate the potential for improvement within the existing productionRead More
Circuits Engineering
Industry 4.0 technology has a huge impact on the automation of machines and industrial equipment and will continue to influence industrial systems even stronger in the future. However it won’t trigger a reinvention of automation and interconnectivity. Having said that the evolution which will take place instead will create new production set-ups and options as well as business opportunities which we will need to approach with new concepts and descriptive models in order to keep up with future developments. So far the classic model of automation technology which classifies devicesRead More
The IoT Is A Vision – The Industry 4.0 Is A Strategy  In the first part of this blog we established that one difference between IoT and Industry 4.0 are the requirements towards the technology. The next step we have to tackle in order to define the differences between the terms lie in the goals of the two along with the methods to reach them.  The first question I’d like to take a look on is: What is the goal of IoT? This is a tricky one as the predictedRead More
The Technology Is Similar, Yet So Different!  Smart answer to our headline: “There is no difference!”. Wrong. There are several things both trends have in common but the important details lie in the differences of the two. To identify them we have to think about the technologies, their impact on society and the goals behind the two terms.  One problem in explaining the differences between the IoT and the Industry 4.0 might be how most of us approach to talk about them. Here’s an example.  “Both are basically describing theRead More

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Embedded World 2016 – Day 1 Recap

The first day of the embedded world 2016 in Nuremberg/Germany is over for a couple of hours already but we are still full of adrenaline. It was so busy on the EBV booth in Hall 5/278 that time flew by just like nothing. There were so many lively discussions and meetings with the visitors, our manufacturing partners, colleagues and friend that we are already looking forward to hitting the ground of the Nuremberg Exhibition and Conference Center tomorrow. And of course we want to share some of our impressions withRead More
EBV Embedded World Live Wall
The embedded world 2016 will kick-off just minutes from now and open its gates for makers, engineers, designers and semiconductor industry experts from around the world. The exhibition, which takes place over the next three days in Nuremberg, Germany is the place to be this week.   But how to stay up to date during the event? Well, it’s easy – whether you are at the show and want to know what’s going on or if your are somewhere else and want to follow the action just click here to checkoutRead More
TLS & Induytry 4.0 / IoT
Secure communication is a prerequisites for Industry 4.0 applications. That bold statement becomes even clearer if we compare the impact of a hacker attack on personal, private IoT applications and industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. Malicious access to your personal email account is bad news for you and in case of your business mails for the department you are working for. A successful attack on a company however can cause big losses through espionage, cloning or slowed down production – which will eventually be bad news for a lot of peopleRead More