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Before an exciting year 2014 comes to an end let us throw it back to the Electronica a couple weeks ago. EBV Elektronik added its flavour to the show by presenting various Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at the booth together with customers, participating in a number of  key notes and making some noise for the EBVchips program in the press conference on the topic. Our suppliers showed so many great innovations, new products and demos as well, that we were not even able to film and photograph all of the cool stuff they presented. ButRead More
NXP recently released the LPC54100 Series MCUs which offer crucially improved ultra-low power performance for “always-on” processing devices often found in wearable technology.  Wearable technology is booming… at least it should considered the many devices available on the market. The fact that the hype is big but the numbers of wearables sold is not keeping up with expectations nor with the ones of smartphones has two main reasons: battery life and pricing. The dominant bottle neck for the success of wearables on the long run is still the battery life.Read More
Returning to New York for its tenth year, CES Unveiled New York provided a sneak peek at the year’s most innovative products and technologies just two months before the International CES. We picked the 5 most advanced and useful wearables from the show to introduce them to you. iFit Active The iFit Active is a 3-and-1 health tracker helping users eat better by logging their food intake, sleep better by monitoring sleeping pattern and, of course, logging users’ activity and helping them be fit. The iFIt Active counts calories, steps and distance, whileRead More

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Bits & Chips Smart Systems

The Bits&Chips Smart Systems conference and exhibition will take place this week with workshops on the 19th and a conference and exhibition on the 20th of November. The event targets all industries related to wireless communication, development of electronics, embedded software development, design and development tooling, advanced packaging, micro-assembly and integration, micro mechanics and networking technology. EBV will be at the show with Freescale and with Altera. Freescale Together with our friends from Freescale we will showcase the latest Layerscape dualcore Cortex-A7  and the QorIQ T4 Power Architecture products. As Freescale isRead More

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Electronica – Day 2

The second day of the electronica 2014 in Munich has seen even more visitors than the first one. Today we did not only welcome a lot of customers at our booth and lead great conversations at our lounge but also held the EBVchips press conference. This and some other highlights made the day very exciting and unforgettable. Here is the summary of what happened at our booth in hall A5 575 and elsewhere.  EBVchips Press Conference In the early afternoon Dr. Eckart Voskamp, Director EBVchips, introduced the new EBVchips branding and strategyRead More
The first day of the electronica 2014 is over and it has been a great time. We are looking forward to the next three days. For everyone that missed the show today, we created this little summary and a first overview of our booth. We are present in hall A5 booth 575, here is what it looks like: IoT and Vertical Segments @Electronica EBV presents comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) solutions which highly profit from our Vertical Segment structure. Connecting a lot of devices via the cloud or directly, for example via Bluetooth,Read More

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The Future of the IoT [Infographic]

The Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving so fast that it sometimes seems hard to keep up with it. It has already become part of our lives but the future of the IoT is holding even more. The infographic below (source: Aria) illustrates the road until 2025. More detailed forecasting and trends for the IoT are brought together in a comprehensive slide show by Business Insider here. source: aria systemsRead More
In the semiconductor industry we face new challenges on a daily basis, weather working in an automotive related position trying to improve driver safety or maybe in the RF& wireless segment searching for Internet of Things solutions. For us at EBV this constant change results in the need for ongoing innovation to support our customers perfectly. We are driven by the new ideas and endless possibilities that modern technology offers to us these days. Our constant search for improvement is reflected in the huge amount of knowledge and support inRead More
Ever wondered why we have the EBV Vertical Segments and how the EBVchips program works? Well, if so read the short interview with  Thomas Staudinger, our Vice President of EBV Vertical Segments to get some insights. EBV:       Hi Thomas, can you explain the benefit of EBV’s unique Vertical Segment Structure with 9 different segments? Our customers can benefit from the clear distinction between markets and technologies. The market segments help us to create a differentiating solution based on all relevant technologies to be the leader in the sub-segments. TheRead More
In my last Blog “The Smart Home Game Part I – it’s on!” I have already described the three main challenges of the rising smart home market: the disagreement on a communication standard, the inadequate security of the networks and the chaos of companies from start ups to industry giants in the field. These problems actually started to make the trend a little boring as no one really seemed to ask the right persons for a solution: the consumers. Things changed when Apple announced their HomeKit. With this framework the company thoughtRead More