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Covi smart home hub
You might have heard of Senic already. Yes, but not sure what it was? Need a hint? Maybe it is dawning with smart home controllers? Certainly some will see the light with the name “NUIMO”. Not least since the winning of the 2015 Red Dot and German Design award for their first crowd-funded product, the Berlin-based start-up company Senic is no longer a stranger in the IoT landscape. Now they launched their second project on Kickstarter. If you are thinking of a new lamp for your home and at theRead More
Tapdo smart button
Smart home technology and connected devices are penetrating more and more areas of our daily life. Smartphones play a crucial role here, but also remote controls and other interfaces control lighting, heating, music systems, and other connected devices. But what if there was only one device that is able to control everything? There might be relief for you soon. Let’s introduce Tapdo! A team of entrepreneurs from the German university town Münster, consisting of physicists, developers and designers had the idea to create a smart button that lets you controlRead More
Three years ago cycling got a well-deserved safety update. On 27 November 2012 the UK-based startup Blaze launched the Kickstarter campaign for its “Laserlight” which is a powerful LED light combined with a direct-diode green laser that projects a symbol of a bike onto the road ahead and makes cyclists far more visible. The Blaze Laserlight in action at dusk (image: Blaze) The perfectly engineered bicycle light is a real lifesaver which minimises the risk for cyclists to be run over by turning vehicles. Now, three years after the firstRead More
Ok, basically everyone knows how a smart home hub or controller works. You connect stuff and control it via an app. In the case of “Homey” that’s true – but it can do a lot more. Homey can give visual feedback via the LED ring Homey from the Dutch start-up Athom is a smart control for your electronic devices and unlike some other smart home hubs it has a lot of unique features to love which make it a perfect fit for most homes. First and for many of usRead More
The recipe for a successful start-up? If there is one it might be something like this: Take a challenging idea like creating super-small wireless ear buds and then think about what other features you could add. For our example let’s say the headphones should be able to track sports including time, distance steps, speed, rotation, performance, g-force and more. Further it would be great to get information about key vital body data like heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature and calories burned. In order to make the project completely crazy you wantRead More
It is finally here!!! After years in which our board games have collected dust hidden in garages and in cellars they finally got the upgrade they need to celebrate a revival.  In February we reported about ePwan a french start-up developing NFC and RFID enabled board games which allow real-time tracking of objects including a tag on a surface. They now launched a Kickstarter campaign for the ePawn Arena, an unique board that connects mobile video games to real-world game pieces and interactive robot-toys. Game play ePawn arena (image: ePawn/Kickstarter) The game pack consists outRead More
Vai Kai, a Berlin based start-up has combined traditional wood design and modern technology to create the perfect toy – Avakai, a symbiosis of old & new perfect for kids around the globe. The toys are currently crowdfunded on Kickstarter and are shaped as a little, simplified wooden dolls. The Avakai is connected to other Avakais or a smartphone via Bluetooth LowEnegery and uses touch sensors integrated below the surface to interact with the outside world. Feedback from the toy includes sound, coloured light and haptic feedback. To charge Avakai you can use a standardRead More
Yep, we know there are many smart buttons around these days. COOPY is the next one to join the game. Like with all things you could say who needs more? In this case we say we want more! COOPY offers some really cool additional features which many other connected buttons lack so far – long live the evolution. Use COOPY in your car e.g. to answer calls PentaSens Inc., the company behind COOPY is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the tiny handheld device which sports 3 buttons. The functions ofRead More
Smart lights, thermostats, refrigerators, locks… how many connected devices do you have? 10? 20? Even more? All of those things require getting your smartphone out of your pocket, swiping over the screen, entering your password to unlock it and then opening an app to control them. In some cases you can also use a switch or button on the device which is not really what you want to do when you payed for a “smart” and connected thing. Smart Controller “Nuimo” from Senic Don’t worry there is a solution: smart controllers.Read More
Keecker is a small robot looking like a relative of R2D2. It has been developed by a French start-up in order to make your home a whole lot smarter and to help you to get rid of your TV, stereo system, weather station and security cameras! Let’s take closer look at the little piece of high-tech and find out if it is for you. The ambitious project to build what the company calls the “world’s first homepod” received more than a quarter million dollars of funding through Kickstarter. The team behind Keecker hasRead More