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Posted On April 1, 2015By Kai SchmidtIn Consumer, Lifestyle, Technology

Kraftwerk is a Pocket Sized Power Plant

Kraftwerk is the first mobile fuel cell that fits in your pocket and runs on common lighter gas. This sounds not completely new, as for example Toshiba and Sony have developed similar applications for mobile devices in the past. Kraftwerk invented by the eZelleron GmbH, a start-up company based in Dresden, Germany, uses a different fuel cell technology which could be crucial for the success of the gadget. In general we speak of two different kinds of fuel cells: PEMFC (proton exchange membrane fuel cells) and SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell). The first ones can be operatedRead More

Posted On March 26, 2015By Kai SchmidtIn Internet of Things, Lifestyle, Music

Prizm is your New Music Buddy

Do you still remember the days when you discovered new music in stores flipping through thousands of CDs? Getting excited whenever there was a new album from a favourite artist? The internet changed how we consume and search for music. Nowadays we get overwhelmed by a flood of new songs every day, spending hours to sort out what we do not like. Luckily a french start-up created a solution: Meet Prizm – a gadget that will play the perfect track in every situation. Prizm is a little pyramid that connectsRead More
Aerial video footage has been something that we only saw in Hollywood movies until a couple of years ago. Maybe that is the reason why it does look so exciting. In 2010 commercial drones started to come to the shelves of stores. Not long after that the first creative minds strapped cameras to the small UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and filmed their own aerial videos. The new angle from high above delivered stunning pictures but to steer a drone and the camera simultaneously is something for real pros. Good thing thereRead More