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Guest blog from Axel Schiller ‘Possessing the potential to uproot personal mobility as we know it, to make it safer and even more ubiquitous than conventional automobiles and perhaps even more efficient, self-driving cars have become the archetype of our future transportation.’ (Accelerating the Next Revolution in Roadway Safety, FAVP Sept. 2016). The next technology step that will enable this is the creation of an integrated system network to connect vehicle systems together via the IoT to communicate and interact in real time with their surroundings. The following applications compriseRead More
automotive iot
Guest blog from Axel Schiller Some suggest that autonomous driving is the ultimate example of the implementation of the Internet of Things. An integral integration of internal and external sensors working together to create an evolutionary change in the way people use transportation. There are two additional layers of complication to designing for vehicles, one the impact of application failure can be significant and two vehicles have an extensive need for sensors, signal processing elements, and image recognition engines. As manufacturers continue to add more advanced sensors, high-resolution displays, on-vehicleRead More

Posted On June 7, 2016By Christian JakobIn Technology

Memories – The Hidden Champions That Are Everywhere

Imagine a world without memories. A lot of people would likely say “So what?”. But believe us, nowadays we would be lost without them. As they are hidden and do their work in the background where they can’t be seen, nobody really takes notice of them. But they play an essential role in today’s technology. Whether we talk about computers, automotive, industrial or consumer applications, memories come into play. Reason enough to dedicate those hidden champions special attention. Together with our partners Toshiba, Samsung and Micron we at EBV ElektronikRead More
3D NAND Wafer Close-Up
Proud of the super-fast SSD in your new Laptop? Well, your storage will get a kick in the … soon. Why? Because Micron just announced the production of it’s TLC 3D NAND flash technology. The reason we are looking forward to this new storage technology is that it represents one of the major break-throughs in the area of memory technology. Over the last couple years storage innovation in the field of NAND was more or less limited to downsizing of the data cells on the memory die. In many casesRead More
Micron and Intel have developed an entirely new class of nonvolatile memory that can help turn immense amounts of data into valuable information in real time called 3D XPoint™. 3D Xpoint™ technology wafers are currently running in production lines at Intel Micron Flash Technologies fab (image: Intel) The huge leap forward is enabled by innovations like the cross point array structure. This means that perpendicular conductors connect 128 billion densely packed memory cells. Each memory cell stores a single bit of data. This compact structure results in high performance and high density.Read More