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If you’re an electronics developer designing IoT or other connected applications you will know two things: Firstly, fast-time-to-market is a key to success. Secondly, security is a complex feature to implement, however it’s of great importance. Another truth you probably are aware of is that a vast amount of devices currently on the market compromise security for more competitive retail price and quicker release. With the rising number of cyber-attacks system designers will need to rethink their security structures and implement advanced security features while meeting strict development deadlines. InRead More
Windows Device Guard
We received a lot of feedback from small and medium sized enterprise (SME) customers who are looking for ways to protect company-owned computers, machines and PCs/laptops against the increasing number of threats in the interconnected security landscape. Therefore we have recently published an article on Windows Device Guard and the powerful features of Microsoft’s security tool. In this post we will take a look at the effort you will have to take to implement and make use of Device Guard. Modern malicious attacks are getting more and more of aRead More
Windows Device Guard & TPM
Security hardware and software go hand in hand these days. Sure, for some less important things ensuring privacy by only using software will be sufficient but when it comes to enterprise level sensitive information you really need to throw some physical components in the mix to get a good result. One of the main challenges for IT-departments is to keep the devices and computers of employees and within the company safe and in order. To do so, control over which applications can run and which can’t is essential. With WindowsRead More
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As we implement more and more IoT technology into different aspects of our lives we should be aware of sensitive data and ensure that we further equip applications with the right level of security precautions. Within fields like smart grid and smart metering manipulations can result in high economic losses or even shut down power supply for a whole region. Therefor security is of high priority within electronic metering and grid applications. If you google for scholar articles about security incidents and vulnerabilities within smart grid and smart metering applicationsRead More
Hacker IT Cyber Security
Whenever we talk about the IoT we also need to talk about cyber security. For developers and engineers it’s a challenge to protect services and products in two ways. Firstly, security technology is complex and needs to find a fine balance between protection and affordability. The second aspect is to make the security measures as easy to handle for customers as possible. The last one might be even more tricky than most of us have thought. Even setting a password to protect sensitive data is too much for many users.Read More
When we think of the trend topic Internet of Things (IoT) most likely things like wearables for personal healthcare or intelligent kitchen appliances will come into our minds. If you think in bigger scales Home Automation or Smart Cities will be terms you probably have heard of already. Other subjects are not so well-known because there are for the first sight hardly touch points with end users. But IoT is a field that offers much more. Enabling the Internet of Things That’s why we are running an IoT campaign togetherRead More
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IT Security for Embedded Systems

Various markets discovered the Internet of Things (IoT) for themselves and develop more and more products and devices. There are areas like Smart Grid, Connected Car, Smart Home & Building, personal health & fitness, or Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. Each of the subjects offer plenty to talk about in separate blog articles. But there is one thing that all of them have in common. And that is supposed to be the topic of this article: Security for the Internet of Things. Facing Increasing Security Needs So when we talkRead More
TLS & Induytry 4.0 / IoT
Secure communication is a prerequisites for Industry 4.0 applications. That bold statement becomes even clearer if we compare the impact of a hacker attack on personal, private IoT applications and industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. Malicious access to your personal email account is bad news for you and in case of your business mails for the department you are working for. A successful attack on a company however can cause big losses through espionage, cloning or slowed down production – which will eventually be bad news for a lot of peopleRead More

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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

2015 was incredible! The IoT seems to be growing up with more and more solutions addressing complex challenges for example in industrial and healthcare segments. For 2016 there is still a lot of room left for innovation and improvement of IoT applications. Special attention will be necessary when it comes to security hardware in order to create secure networks. Another crucial factor in order to unlock the complete possibilities of the IoT will be the access to the internet for all people on a global scale. This will help usRead More

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How To Secure Your Private IoT Environment

We all read the news about hacked baby monitors, cars or home networks. We all agree that we don’t want strangers to scream at our kids, to get access to the brakes of our vehicles or to our sensitive data on our network drives. Most of us still don’t worry too much about cyber security as nothing comparable ever happened to us.  However with an increasing number of devices and personal data connected to and stored in the cloud it would be important to have as much control over theRead More