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You might have heard of Senic already. Yes, but not sure what it was? Need a hint? Maybe it is dawning with smart home controllers? Certainly some will see the light with the name “NUIMO”. Not least since the winning of the 2015 Red Dot and German Design award for their first crowd-funded product, the Berlin-based start-up company Senic is no longer a stranger in the IoT landscape. Now they launched their second project on Kickstarter. If you are thinking of a new lamp for your home and at theRead More
Smart lights, thermostats, refrigerators, locks… how many connected devices do you have? 10? 20? Even more? All of those things require getting your smartphone out of your pocket, swiping over the screen, entering your password to unlock it and then opening an app to control them. In some cases you can also use a switch or button on the device which is not really what you want to do when you payed for a “smart” and connected thing. Smart Controller “Nuimo” from Senic Don’t worry there is a solution: smart controllers.Read More