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Yep, wireless coffee is finally reality. Based on an EBV design one of our partners has build a coffeemaker using wireless power transfer to brew fresh treats for you in the morning! The design is based on the tesla principle or more specifically on magnetic resonance. On the primary side a power source, a resonant controller and a coil are used to send power to the secondary side with power regulator, output and load controller. To make the design smart an embedded comunication system through an electromagnetic field is used toRead More
The Norwegian company sfty is building an unique, innovative IoT-based security network using hardware, apps, Electric Imp modules and social networking in order to make your life saver and more convenient. You can spend a lot of money on a burglar alarm and then pay monthly for the security assistance standby. In case someone breaks into your home the alarm will notify the security company and you will get immediate assistance… after a couple minutes or longer or maybe when it is too late. A major problem might be the density ofRead More
The European startup Sevenhugs wants to improve your sleep with the “hugOne” sleep tracking system. The smart device eliminates the need to wear anything to track sleep and also monitors the indoor environment to ensure a healthy home. HugOne is a small, well-designed cube which can be placed in your living-room or another central room of your house. It connects to “minihugs” – small sensors which are placed in one corner of the bed, under the mattress cover to monitor your family’s sleep cycles. The minihugs do not need to be chargedRead More
The french startup ePawn is developing NFC and RFID enabled board games which allow real-time tracking of objects including a tag on a surface. With this technology the company wants to bring back the simple thrill of touch feeling and bridge the real and virtual world to provide a unique user experience. image: ePawn Compatible with off-the-shelf NFC front-end readers and with standard microcontrollers, ePawn architecture and firmware is capable to track the position of several NFC tags simultaneously, in real time and on large surfaces. The technology, refreshing at up toRead More

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Eero lifts WiFi to the Next Level

Everyone of us has has a bad memory about WiFi routers in some way. Maybe the set up was a pain, finding a position for the router so you have signal everywhere was hard or it is buffering forever and you need to unplug it every now and then because the thing just stopped working. Good news, “eero” is about to change all that. The small San Francisco based startup developed a smart and modern way to set up a WiFi network. This is possible with standard routers as well,Read More
Mix up a good idea with swiss precision and what will you get? The smartest power plug you’ll find! Smart-Me is an energy and power meter, a remote switch, a time switch and a temperature meter all in one compact device.  The device, developed by the two swiss David Eberli and Noldy Eberli is a class 1 energy and power meter which is capable of measuring power, energy, current voltage and power factor with an accuracy of astonishing 99%. Smart-Me is also WiFi enabled, letting you read all the information on yourRead More

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European Utility Week 2014

The European utility industry serves 200 million billable customers, providing them with 3800 terrawatt hours of electricity annually. This results in an annual turnover of over 500 billion. While the utility industry serves a critical function at large it is undergoing a transformation catalyzed by the complex and innovation-driven market it serves and regulated by ever-changing frameworks, altering the business models of the past in a dramatic way. A highlight in this fast moving and exciting environment is the European Utility Week in Amsterdam, Netherlands November 4-6, 2014. EBV ElektronikRead More
In my last Blog “The Smart Home Game Part I – it’s on!” I have already described the three main challenges of the rising smart home market: the disagreement on a communication standard, the inadequate security of the networks and the chaos of companies from start ups to industry giants in the field. These problems actually started to make the trend a little boring as no one really seemed to ask the right persons for a solution: the consumers. Things changed when Apple announced their HomeKit. With this framework the company thoughtRead More
The success of the smart home movement is just a question of time, whereas the winners of the “game” are a question of us, the consumers. If you followed the topic over the past years, what you will have in mind are probably the constant debates about which is the best communication standard and about the vulnerability of the networks. Also you will remember some press releases and statements like the one from Google’s Larry Page after acquiring Nest, who said “We are excited to bring great experiences to more homes in more countriesRead More