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Innovation Worldcup Infoshare Gdansk
It has been one of the many thrilling moments at Mobile World Congress (MWC) when the winners of the last Innovation Worldcup competition were announced at the beginning of March in Barcelona. The jury awarded awesome ideas, prototypes and applications with the potential to disrupt the IoT market. This year participation makes even more sense, because another special prize is waiting for one of the best and most innovative ideas – The EBV IoT Hero. Making Innovation Visible As already reported EBV started the collaboration with Innovation World Cup SerieRead More
Tapdo smart button
Smart home technology and connected devices are penetrating more and more areas of our daily life. Smartphones play a crucial role here, but also remote controls and other interfaces control lighting, heating, music systems, and other connected devices. But what if there was only one device that is able to control everything? There might be relief for you soon. Let’s introduce Tapdo! A team of entrepreneurs from the German university town Münster, consisting of physicists, developers and designers had the idea to create a smart button that lets you controlRead More
Le Connected Camp startups

Posted On January 20, 2017By Christian JakobIn Internet of Things

Le Connected Camp Is Going Into The Next Round

A touch of a pioneering spirit went through the office rooms in French Toulouse about a year ago, when Le Connected Camp opened the application period for start-ups for the first time. But it was actually the French start-up incubator that was initiated to support other young innovators, start-up companies and entrepreneurs getting started with their businesses. However, from the very beginning the signs were promising too. Thus Le Connected Camp, part of the IoT Valley, is able to look back on a successful year and will head into theRead More
Kickstart for Startups EBV StartMeUp
When Erich Fischer founded EBV Elektronik in 1969 he was certainly not aware of the term „start-up“, although its distributor of electronic components was such a company at that time. The term became internationally widespread during the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s, when a great number of Internet-based companies were founded. Today there are uncountable newly emerged, fast-growing businesses on the market. Start-up companies can often be found in technology realms, such as Internet, e-commerce, computers, telecommunications, or robotics. But those small businesses, which are designed to quickly developRead More
Keen pool swimmers can tell you a thing or two about those red eyes, when they spend hours splashing. Many people think twice before they jump into the supposedly refreshing water, because they are concerned about its greenish colour or a peculiar smell. Wrong dosages of chemical additives are to blame most of the time. But there is good news ahead. We want to introduce you a start-up company, which took this into consideration and comes up with a solution for the issue. FLIPR developed a device, a connected objectRead More
Smart Parking Assistant
If you are a driver you’ve certainly been faced with situations like this already, when you had an appointment downtown, running a bit late already, and you couldn’t find a parking lot. You can literally feel your blood pressure rise. The first drops of sweat run down from your forehead. After quite a while you finally found a space where you could squeeze your car, paid a ticket and made it only a few minutes late to your appointment. But the meeting took longer than expected. Back to your carRead More
Wohoo another smart home controller… NO. Homee is different. It’s easier, more flexible and more fun. Homee is a “modular home control”. The project to develop Homee has been initiated by Jochen Schöllig and Waldemar Wunder, who are also the founders of the Internet of Things agency Codeatelier based in Stuttgart, Germany. So what exactly sets their approach apart from other smart home controllers? First of all, Homee is not only one device. It consists out of different building blocks which allow you to build your own device fitting toRead More
Ok, basically everyone knows how a smart home hub or controller works. You connect stuff and control it via an app. In the case of “Homey” that’s true – but it can do a lot more. Homey can give visual feedback via the LED ring Homey from the Dutch start-up Athom is a smart control for your electronic devices and unlike some other smart home hubs it has a lot of unique features to love which make it a perfect fit for most homes. First and for many of usRead More
A German start-up has invented a device which helps divers to communicate under water and bridge distances of up to 20 meters. One of the biggest risks of diving is losing your partner under water – approximately 24% of diving accidents are the result of the loss of your dive “buddy”. 86% of these accidents end fatally (data according to “Divemaster”). Buddy-Watcher has to buttons for pairing and to send an alarm (picture: Buddy-Watcher) “Buddy-Watcher” wants to solve this issue. The smart wearable is attached to a strap which the user attaches toRead More
The recipe for a successful start-up? If there is one it might be something like this: Take a challenging idea like creating super-small wireless ear buds and then think about what other features you could add. For our example let’s say the headphones should be able to track sports including time, distance steps, speed, rotation, performance, g-force and more. Further it would be great to get information about key vital body data like heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature and calories burned. In order to make the project completely crazy you wantRead More