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Mix up a good idea with swiss precision and what will you get? The smartest power plug you’ll find! Smart-Me is an energy and power meter, a remote switch, a time switch and a temperature meter all in one compact device.  The device, developed by the two swiss David Eberli and Noldy Eberli is a class 1 energy and power meter which is capable of measuring power, energy, current voltage and power factor with an accuracy of astonishing 99%. Smart-Me is also WiFi enabled, letting you read all the information on yourRead More
So we are talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) also referred to as Internet of Everything because everything is and will be connected in the near future. There is no shortage of new ideas for connected devices and everyday we are looking at simple items trying to figure out what the advantage would be for us if they were online. Here are some of the craziest ideas of connected things which actually are online. Our question is: Would you really buy it? Smart Fruits Yep. Smart fruits! You wantRead More
A Swedish team of entrepreneurs and engineers has developed the smartest button you can get: Flic. The small device is currently crowdfunded on Indigogo and already reached over 700% of its $80,000 goal. Flic allows you to trigger actions on your smartphone, tablet and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The device is slightly bigger than a thumb and can trigger a wide variety of actions by simply pressing the button.  In comparison to NFC tags Flic does not require you to hold your smartphone near the button as the range is up toRead More