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Posted On December 21, 2015By Kai SchmidtIn Lifestyle, Slider, Uncategorized, Videos

The Best Movies For Engineers – Part 2

Christmas is only a few days away. Finally some time off, bad weather outside and nothing to do. The hardest task is to figure out what to watch on TV – but we’re here to help with our second part of the best movies for engineers (for everyone who wants to spend even more time on the couch checkout the first part here). 10. Flight of the Phoenix 1965 After a plane crash in the Sahara desert the survivors only chance to survive is to build a new plane out of parts of the wreckedRead More
Need a break from work or want to spend a rainy day on the couch? Here are some great movies to watch for every one who loves high-tech and inventions! 10. Jobs No matter if you’re team Apple or team Android you have to like Steve Jobs. His passion for technology, innovation, design and usability as well as his brilliance are one of a kind. In this movie the story of Steve Jobs’ ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century is told.Read More
Spending the summer in Europe is great! You’re able to discover a mixture of culture, vibrant cities and beautiful landscapes. However there is a good chance for bad weather even in the summer months – but don’t worry we listed 10 great science museums every engineer and tech enthusiast will love!  1. Deutsches Museum The Deutsche Museum (which means German Museum) in Munich, Germany is the world’s largest museum of science and technology. You can spend hours or even days here discovering great exhibitions about natural sciences, materials and production, energy,Read More